The Physicians Committee


Doctors, Dietitians Offer Plant-Based Makeover for Congressional Cafeterias

WASHINGTON—Doctors and dietitians from the Barnard Medical Center will visit Congress on Friday, Feb. 5, to share healthful plant-based Super Bowl snacks with members of Congress and staffers at the Veggie Touchdown, sponsored by the Congressional Vegetarian Staff Association. Sodexo, which manages congressional cafeterias, has also been invited and encouraged to serve more plant-based options in Congress.

New Year, Best You Cooking and Nutrition Course Starts Mar. 1

WASHINGTON—The Barnard Medical Center, a nonprofit medical center integrating nutrition into complete primary care, celebrates its 2016 debut by offering Washington residents a five-class cooking series to boost metabolism, curb cravings, unlock the keys to insulin resistance, and reach optimal health in the new year with a nutrient-dense, plant-based vegan diet.

A New Model for Medical Care

For all the patients who have complained that their doctors know nothing about nutrition, all the medical students who have had nowhere to see plant-based diets in action, all the people following vegan diets who could not find a doctor who understands their choices, all the enlightened but overly busy doctors who have had no time to counsel patients on food choices, and, most of all, all the people suffering with diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and weight problems who are taking one prescription after another and have never been able to tackle the cause of their problems, we have opened the Barnard Medical Center.

Plant-Based Meals Fly to New Heights, According to the Physician Committee’s 2015 Airport Food Review

WASHINGTON—Flying for the holidays? Whether you’re traveling to San Francisco or Dallas, holiday travelers will have an easy time finding heart-healthy meals, ranging from beet burgers and leafy green quinoa bowls in California to spicy black bean salads and sweet potato burritos in Texas, according to the Physician Committee’s 2015 Airport Food Review. Seventy-one percent of restaurants at the nation’s 30 busiest airports offer at least one high-fiber, plant-based, vegan meal option—a 25 percent increase from 2001.