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President Trump: Five Recommendations to Improve Health Research

Models We have spent trillions of dollars on cancer, diabetes ...

2017-08-14 16:10

A Need to Change Clinical Research Approaches in Studying Alzheimer's Disease

or patient data. Patients with chronic health conditions (e.g., diabetes ...

2017-08-14 16:09

Bill Gates’ Funding Boost for Dementia Research Misses an Opportunity

cholesterol for heart disease or hemoglobin A1C for diabetes, the development ...

2018-03-14 09:13

Great Science: 2017’s Top 10

of stem cells to model diabetes, prion disease, and anorexia nervosa. ...

2018-03-05 16:52

Nutrición y Diabetes

Nutrición y Diabetes   Fundamentos de la diabetes En la diabetes ... a las células que la necesitan. Cuando la diabetes comienza durante la infancia (diabetes insulin-dependiente se produce por un inadecuado ...

2015-11-20 10:37

Does Sugar Cause Diabetes?

sugar or other carbohydrates cause diabetes.  The notion is understandable. Blood sugar levels are high in diabetes, so a common idea has held ... diabetes organizations take a different view. The American Diabetes ...

2017-09-12 12:26

Diabetes Here I Come

Diabetes here I come.” Controversy quickly brewed this week after ... they really belong. With 422 million adults worldwide living with diabetes, I’d ... foods exacerbating this global epidemic. Red Meat: Diabetes here I come. ...

2017-06-29 11:21

Conquering Diabetes with Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates do not cause type 2 diabetes. In fact, a new study ... diabetes. A wide range of other studies looking at plant-based diets and diabetes have consistently shown similar results.   But you would not know ...

2017-06-29 16:47

Think Eating Healthy’s a Pain? Diabetes is the Real Pain.

Diabetes can affect your quality of life in many ways—but one complication that often goes unmentioned is pain. Diabetic neuropathy commonly ... reduce the pain of diabetic neuropathy. Researchers followed 17 adults ...

2017-06-28 12:15

Diabetes Dilemma: Unlocking the Solution for 100 Million Americans

the key won't work. Diabetes occurs when fat—from cheeseburgers, hot ... from diabetes and prediabetes. And it doesn’t come in a syringe or pill ... diet is the way to prevent and reverse diabetes. I recently spoke ...

2017-06-27 14:06