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Great Good Desserts Naturally

Great Good Desserts Naturally

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By Fran Costigan

You won't believe these are healthy desserts! Are you lactose intolerant? Is your cholesterol high? Or are you just craving some sweets but want to eat better? Now everyone can eat healthfully and eat great desserts, too.

"No deprivation allowed," says New York City based pastry chef and cooking teacher Fran Costigan who reveals the secrets of sin free sweets. Creamy, gooey, chewy, crunchy, its all here—all that's missing is the dairy, white sugar, chemical additives and superfluous fat.

Recipes include:

  • The Chocolate Cake To Live For
  • Frankly Amazing Lowfat Brownies
  • The Better Baklava
  • 3 Berry Pie
  • Strawberry Rhubarb Galette
  • Not My Mothers Pumpkin Pie
  • Blueberry Slump
  • Chocolate Pudding & Sherbet-Sorbet
  • Uncoffeecake
  • Better Boston Cream Pie Cake
  • Orange Ginger Crisps

"A find for the health-conscious cook! This is a book for everyone who loves sweets, including those on restricted diets. Fran Costigan and her exquisite confections come to the rescue of the dessert-deprived, and happiness returns. Not only are these recipes carefully tested, they are also very clearly and concisely written, to ensure that whoever tries them will be pleased with the result."
—Annemarie Colbin, Founding Director, Natural Gourmet Cookery School and author of Food and Our Bones and Food and Healing

"Fran Costigan's information packed book showcases her vast experience as a professional pastry chef and her dedication to healthy cuisine. Fran has triumphed in what I consider the most difficult aspect of natural foods cooking. Having had the great good fortune to sample many of Fran’s luscious desserts I can only say that The proof is in the pudding and the cakes and the tarts...."
—Ken Bergeron author of Professional Vegetarian Cooking

"I have waited a long time for Fran's book...and it is a must-have! You do not need a cooking school diploma to make Fran Costigan's beautiful to behold, mouthwateringly delicious cakes and sweet creations, all made from the most healthful ingredients. I know I can count on her recipes to impress my guests every time. My husband will be blowing long-distance kisses Fran's way with each bite. Thanks, Fran, we all need treats."
—Bryanna Grogin Clark, author of Nonna's Italian Kitchen

"Now you really can have your cake and eat it, too! Fran Costigan has created guilt-free sweet sensations that will satisfy even the most discriminating dessert-lover. One word of caution: her recipes are so incredibly delicious, you'll be tempted to make dessert the first course of every meal."
—Gail Davis, author of So, Now What Do I Eat? The Complete Guide to Vegetarian Convenience Foods and Vegetarian Food for Thought

144 pages