Healthy Eating for Life for Women

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Healthy Eating for Life for Women

Healthy Eating for Life for Women

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By Kristine Kieswer

Until now, to battle headaches, arthritis, or menstrual cramps, many women have needed fistfuls of over-the-counter remedies. Menopause has meant lifelong dependence on prescription hormones. Preventing cancer has meant yearly mammograms, and precious little else. These approaches are certainly useful, but they are also expensive, riddled with side effects, and, far too often, simply inadequate.

Through simple diet changes, headaches can become a thing of the past. Menopausal symptoms may never even start. And women can gain new power over the most common and problematic forms of cancer. Everything from improving fertility to erasing the signs of aging to managing osteoporosis, arthritis, and urinary tract infections, has been subjected to new methods of research and can now be dealt with more easily than ever. The answer, more often than not, lies in nourishing the body in new and healthy ways. It's a prescription women will be happy to fill.

Chapters Include

  • Age-Proofing from the Inside
  • Diet and the Menstrual Cycle
  • Enhancing Fertility
  • A Healthy, Drug-Free Menopause
  • The Keys to Easy Weight Loss
  • Cancer Prevention
  • Protecting Your Heart
  • Using Foods Against Arthritis
  • Keeping Bones Strong
  • Free Yourself from Headaches
  • Urinary Tract Health

Plus, 100 Wonderful Recipes for Wellness

Author Information
Ms. Kieswer is the editor of Good Medicine magazine, PCRM's quarterly publication for member physicians and laypersons. Her freelance articles on vegetarian nutrition have appeared in Minority Health Today, Plus, Better Nutrition, Vibrant Life, Essence, and other magazines. She has a B.A. in Journalism from the University of South Carolina.

260 pages