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This year marks PCRM’s 25th anniversary, and we are grateful to all our members for their support over the years.

Because PCRM’s membership spans the United States and beyond, we have many ways to help members stay connected with our campaigns and programs. We hope you’re taking advantage of them all:

  • PCRM’s Online Community: Get up-to-the-minute news with our monthly e-newsletter, action alerts, special events notifications, Breaking Medical News, and much more! To sign up or manage your preferences, go to
  • Good Medicine Magazine: PCRM’s quarterly magazine covers the broad scope of our efforts, all in one place! Health and ethical research articles, along with news from our campaign staff, make this a fantastic benefit for members who make an annual contribution of $20 or more.
  • Conference Call Updates: PCRM’s unique calls provide our membership with direct access to PCRM’s president, special guest presenters, and key campaign staff. It’s simple (and free) to participate in these calls, which are scheduled throughout the year. Invitations are sent via e-mail.
  • Events: In addition to our 25th anniversary gala we are planning many smaller events this year, ranging from intimate get-togethers to large-scale lectures. For more information, go to If you are interested in helping PCRM set up a member event in your city, please contact our membership assistant at 202-527-7304.

And if you ever want to know more, just call! We always want to hear from you.

Betsy Wason
Betsy Wason, C.F.R.E.
Director of Development

SublimeSublime Event

On March 20, Nanci Alexander hosted a very special night for PCRM in her Fort Lauderdale restaurant, Sublime. For the third year in a row, she hosted a Bon Voyage Party on the eve of the Holistic Holiday at Sea Cruise to benefit PCRM. Guests included PCRM president Neal Barnard, M.D., PCRM director of government affairs Elizabeth Kucinich, PCRM legislative director Sen. Chip Rogers, actress Marilu Henner, and vegan chef Christina Pirello. The event was an opportunity for PCRM to introduce its legislative powerhouse and discuss its Capitol Hill efforts. After the event, guests stayed to savor a Sublime gourmet dinner.

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American AirlinesAmerican Airlines Business ExtrAA

Whenever you fly on American Airlines, you can help PCRM at the same time. Simply provide PCRM’s Business ExtrAA number 789977 when you make a reservation on American Airlines. Your flight will help PCRM accumulate points for free flights, which PCRM staff will use when traveling to speaking engagements, medical conferences, and grassroots campaign activities. You will still earn personal frequent flyer points, and the price of your ticket won’t be affected. It’s an easy way to help PCRM stretch its travel budget as we promote ethical research and lifesaving nutrition.

PCRM Credit Card

We’re excited to announce a brand new way that you can support PCRM. When you apply for and use our new FREE Platinum Visa Rewards Card, the bank will donate $50 and a percentage of all your future purchases on the card to PCRM. Call 202-527-7304 to request an application, or learn more and apply at

PCRM Credit Cards



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