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Health Care ProfessionalsWant to learn more about a vegan diet? Have questions? Looking for support?
PCRM offers resources, educational programs, and literature to promote good nutrition for disease prevention. However, Dr. Barnard and PCRM's team of dietitians and health care professionals are unable to offer medical diagnoses, treatments, or advice. You’ll want to talk to your health care provider before making changes to your diet or medication regimes, and let him or her know if you are taking any supplements.

To connect with a vegan-friendly health care provider, please explore the American Medical Holistic Association’s website. You can search for a provider in your area with an integrative approach to medicine.

For a dietitian who is knowledgeable about plant-based diets, please visit the American Dietetic Association’s Vegetarian Practice Group’s website.

We’ve tried to anticipate all of your questions on our Frequently Asked Questions page. But here are additional resources to help answer your questions and to get you on the road to good health:

We also offer books, DVDs, and literature written by Dr. Barnard and PCRM nutrition experts. Don’t miss out on these valuable publications.

There are various immersion opportunities to learn more about vegan diets such as the Holistic Holiday at Sea Cruise, Dr. McDougall’s 10-Day Live Program, and others that you can read more about online. If you are interested in taking courses to learn more about plant-based nutrition, you can explore the T. Colin Campbell Foundation Plant-based Certification Program, the Wellness Forum, and the Hippocrates Health Institute.

PCRM provides information on building a healthful diet as a whole, and we do not focus on peripheral issues in any great detail. While these issues are important, we do not provide information on supplements, environmental contaminants, and other topics not addressed in PCRM’s resources. For information on specific medications, please consult your personal physician.

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