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squirrel monkeyNASA Engineer Resigns to Protest Agency’s Monkey Radiation Experiments
In today’s economy, it takes courage to walk away from a job. It takes conviction if it’s the job you dreamt of since childhood. Recently, April Evans left NASA when the agency refused to address her concerns—and those of a growing number of scientists—about its misguided plan to irradiate squirrel monkeys. Now, you can join Evans and ask NASA to stop the cruel experiments. NASA's Previous Experiments Failed >


vegetarian food prescriptionPCRM Sues FDA Over Diabetes Drugs’ Fatal Side Effects
“Avandia can cause or worsen heart failure.” That’s what the drug’s black box warning states. But in a lawsuit against the Food and Drug Administration, PCRM is asking the agency to require wording on the label that also alerts patients to safe dietary alternatives to Avandia and other diabetes drugs that may increase the risk of stroke, heart failure, and death. PCRM Educates Diabetes Educators >


pigs used in medical school education

Victory for Pigs at University of Wisconsin!
PCRM has worked for years to replace animal use with human-based alternatives in medical school labs and trauma training courses. With your help, we recently experienced another victory when the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health stopped using live pigs. And we’ve just added six more institutions to our list of trauma training programs using nonanimal methods. Save Animals at Tulane and MCW >

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GEICO study participants Bruce and HillaryVegan Diet Dramatically Improves GEICO Employees’ Health
So easy, a caveman could do it. That’s how dozens of GEICO employees felt when they followed a low-fat vegan diet in a worksite study, losing 11 pounds on average. The findings, published in July’s American Journal of Health Promotion, show that office workers can lose weight, lower blood pressure, and reduce absenteeism if their employer provides healthy low-fat vegetarian meals in the company cafeteria. Watch Success Story >


rabbitInternational Body Approves Landmark Nonanimal Test
After more than a decade of scientific research and lobbying by animal protection groups, the world will soon see a dramatic reduction in the use of the Draize skin test. The test is conducted by smearing potentially harmful materials onto rabbits’ shaved skin. PCRM's Role >


Vegan pediatrician Jay Gordon, M.D. Sneak Preview of September’s 21-Day Vegan Kickstart Website
More than 65,000 people have participated in PCRM’s 21-Day Vegan Kickstart. And more than 10,000 have signed up to experience the benefits of a vegan diet during the Kickstart that begins Sept. 6. If you want to feel better than ever, the online Kickstart program provides all the support you need to increase energy, lose weight, prevent and reverse diabetes and heart disease, and reduce cancer risk. Success Stories >


bonobos used in medical experimentation Last Chance: PCRM’s Inaugural Conference on Modernizing Medical Research
Chimpanzees, bonobos, and humans are the focus of Brian Hare, Ph.D., and Vanessa Woods’ noninvasive research. Woods writes about their work in her new book, Bonobo Handshake: A Memoir of Love and Adventure in the Congo. Later this month, attendees at PCRM’s Animals, Research, and Alternatives conference will hear Dr. Hare speak about findings from his research on nonhuman primate cognition. International Speaker Panel >


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