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Humane Seal Awarded to Stand Up for a Cure

Stand Up for a CureThe Humane Charity Seal of Approval helps donors separate charities that fund animal experiments from those that provide vital services or advance research without the use of animals. The Humane Seal has been awarded to almost 250 charities. Stand Up for a Cure is the latest addition.

Stand Up for a Cure is a nonprofit organization originally founded to raise awareness and funds for lung cancer research, treatment, and education. Based on partnerships with other nonprofits and organizations, Stand Up for a Cure has since expanded its reach to other areas of oncology and related diseases, as well as social issues, including health policy. The relationships it has developed with some of the finest medical institutions, research institutes, and government agencies allows Stand Up for a Cure to direct support and funding to programs that demonstrate the most evidence-based hope for progress—all without the use of animals.

Since its inception in 2001, the Humane Seal has been awarded to hundreds of charities, including Easter Seals, American Hospice Foundation, Avon Breast Cancer Crusade, American Pediatric Heart Fund, UNICEF, and the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. PCRM’s Washington Center for Clinical Research and The Cancer Project both proudly carry the Humane Seal.

With the holidays just a few months away, many people are beginning to think about year-end donations to their favorite charities. Donors can be certain that their money will help advance research or provide vital patient services without the use of animals by looking for the Humane Charity Seal of Approval. In fact, surveys show that most Americans object to animals being used in medical research, especially when more effective and humane methods such as cell and tissue testing, computer-based modeling, and simulation are available.

More than 65 percent of adults surveyed in a 2005 poll said they would be more likely to donate to a health charity that had a policy of never funding animal experiments. More than 80 percent of those under age 35 agreed.

The Humane Seal website is easy to use. Donors can search for charities by keyword, category, or state; download a printer-friendly version of the Humane Seal list; or order a free printed booklet.

The Humane Seal is administered by PCRM on behalf of the Council on Humane Giving, a coalition of physician and animal protection groups. If your favorite charity doesn’t carry the Humane Seal, use this opportunity to contact that organization and urge them to stop funding animal research. Or contact PCRM for help by e-mailing

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PCRM Online, September 2008

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