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New Humane Seal Web Site Helps You Give and Let Live

Want to get active this spring? Maybe you’re participating in a fundraising walk or bike ride sponsored by a health charity. But is the charity funding animal experimentation? The redesigned Humane Seal website will help you walk proud by supporting an animal-friendly charity—and allow you to get active in its new online activist community.

Humane Charity Seal PCRM recently launched the redesigned Humane Seal website to help users get active in promoting animal-friendly charities. The site has always allowed donors to search for and identify health charities committed to helping people without hurting animals. But the new streamlined search function makes it even easier to search for humane charities, and search results now include icons that identify “approved” charities.

Of course, helping visitors find humane charities will always be the foundation of the Humane Seal website, but new additions to the site now allow you to:

  • understand problems with animal experiments and learn about new nonanimal research alternatives;
  • register to be part of the new online community for action;
  • connect with the growing number of Humane Seal fans on Facebook;
  • send personalized Humane Seal e-cards; and
  • order the new Give and Let Live magnets, magnetic bumper stickers, and stickers.

And when you visit the Humane Seal website, you’ll be joining celebrities like Noah Wyle from the television show ER and Kevin Nealon of the television show Weeds.

“As a new father, I support charities that keep kids healthy, but I don’t support research on animals,” says Nealon. “The Humane Seal lets me know what charities I can generously support so children can be helped without harming animals.”

Since its inception in 2001, the Humane Seal has approved nearly 250 charities, including the Love/Avon Army of Women, Easter Seals, American Pediatric Heart Fund, UNICEF, and Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.

The Humane Seal is administered by PCRM on behalf of the Council on Humane Giving, a coalition of physician and animal protection groups. If your favorite charity does not yet carry the Humane Seal, visit the new Humane Seal website to find tips on urging that organization to stop funding animal research.

To join the Humane Seal’s new online community, participate in the Humane Seals’ Avon Walk for Breast Cancer team, and learn more about PCRM’s work to advance research and provide care to patients without the use of animals, please visit

Kevin Nealon
Kevin Nealon

PCRM Online, April 2009

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