Virtual Rally to Stop Animal Abuse at the Washington University in St. Louis

Add your name to our virtual rally and help us show Washington University how many people oppose its use of cats!

  • Lauren M. San Diego CA
  • Noelle M. Taylor PA - This practice is antiquated and cruel.
  • David D. Bellevue WA
  • Anthony K. Baltimore MD
  • Richard C. Virginia Beach VA
  • Patrick B. Hampton VA
  • William B. Arlington VT
  • Peter W. Cambridge ME
  • Gordon G. New York NY
  • Raymond B. Baltimore MD

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10,248 CURRENT

Recent Supporters

Noelle M, Taylor PA
This practice is antiquated and cruel.
Thomas H, Baltimore MD
Please, stop the torture of innocents, WU!
Thomas W, Columbia NE
Vivisection is the past, Washington University
David S, Lancaster VA
Animals deserve better, Washington University
Patrick G, Alexandria VT
Animals are sentient beings, WU
Charles N, Philadelphia PA
Go cruelty free Washington University
Robert C, Baltimore MD
Shame on you, WU
David G, Erie MT
Washington University sucks!
Jack M, Scranton PA
Vivisection is useless, WU
Patrick A, Baltimore MD
Enough is enough, Washington University!

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