Online Alternatives

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Online Alternatives

There are also a number of alternatives available for free online:

Net Frog allows students to participate in an interactive dissection, complete with images, movies, and text.

Explore interactive pictures, watch videos, view diagrams, and quiz yourself with Anatomically Correct: The Online Cat Dissection.

Wellesley College offers online videos of a crayfish, frog, and sheep brain dissection.

With the Virtual Frog Dissection Kit, you can both dissect a frog, and use the Virtual Frog Builder game to put one back together.The interactive pages are available in seven different languages.

Exploratorium’s online Cow Eye Dissection has videos, graphics, and information about the eye.

Access dissection videos, photos, slideshows, worksheets, and quizzes from ZeroBio. Videos include the fetal pig, frog, and sheep heart.

The State University of New York at Buffalo offers in-depth information and graphics about a wide variety of species.

View images from the muscular and digestive systems of the rat.

Perform a virtual mouse dissection step-by-step with the Virtual Mouse Necropsy.

The Sheep Brain Dissection Guide 

Virtual Cat Dissection

Virtual Pig Dissection 

Earthworm Dissection