Commercially Available Alternatives

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Commercially Available Alternatives

Here are some examples of animal-friendly dissection alternatives:

The award-winning Digital Frog 2.5 allows students to perform an in-depth "dissection" of a computer-generated frog with a digital scalpel. The program also includes animations, quizzes, videos, and information about frog behavior, ecology, and environmental issues. A study conducted by researchers at George Mason University found that Digital Frog taught students lessons of anatomy more effectively—and in less time—than traditional animal dissection.

Punflay offers award-winning, affordable frog and rat dissection programs that can be used on a computer or iPad.

Froguts offers interactive CD-ROM software programs covering virtual dissections of the frog, fetal pig, squid, starfish, cow eye, and owl pellet in highly detailed graphics. Schools can access every species on an unlimited number of computers for only $300 per year.

NeoTek offers in-depth virtual laboratory CD-ROMs for the cat and frog fetal pig, crayfish, perch, rat, and earthworm, from about $85 - $149.

ScienceWorks offers frog dissection CD-ROMs starting at $59.95, plus many other programs.

Ventura Educational Systems offers humane CD-ROM alternatives for a frog, fetal pig, and earthworm.

Anatomy in Clay offers educational human and animal skeleton models on which students can build systems of the body in clay.

You can search for thousands additional alternatives using the following online databases, where you can narrow your search by discipline, type of alternative, and/or species: