The Future of Science and Medicine

The Physicians Committee

The Future of Science and Medicine

Students will be interested to know that animal use is becoming a thing of the past at all educational levels—even medical school. Here’s a glimpse at what lies ahead for students planning a career in medicine:

Computer-based methods and incredibly accurate anatomical simulators are not simply the wave of the future—they are already being used for teaching everything from basic physiology to hands-on trauma care and even microsurgical techniques. Today, the vast majority of medical schools in the United States have terminated physiology and pharmacology animal labs in favor of computer models and hands-on practice courses alongside experienced physicians.

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Trauma Training for Physicians

Many medical centers offer courses to teach physicians the techniques involved in emergency care for trauma patients. For instance, Simulab’s Trauma Man ™ comes complete with realistic layers of skin, muscle, and fat, and has lungs that fill with air and organs that "bleed" during certain procedures. Learn more about Trauma Man ™ and other nonanimal teaching techniques at