States With Student Choice

The Physicians Committee

States With Student Choice

In some states, schools must, by law, allow students to be informed of upcoming dissection activities, offer humane alternatives for those who want them, and ensure that students are not penalized for their choice.
The Humane Society of the United States has compiled a list of states with informed student consent laws or policies that govern grades K through 12:

State Laws:

Florida, 1985 (Florida Statute Section 1003.47)
California, 1988 (California Education Code § 32255 et sq)
Pennsylvania, 1992 (School Code PA 30, No. 14 Section 2, 1522)
New York, 1994 (NY SCL Education § 809)
Rhode Island, 1997 (RI Statute Section 16-22-20)
Illinois, 2000 (Dissection Alternatives Act 105 ILCS 112 et sq)
Virginia, 2004 (VA Code Ann. § 22.1-200.01.)
Oregon, 2005 (OR SB 383)
New Jersey, 2006 (NJ statutes chapt. 35 title 18A supplement)
Vermont, 2009 (H. 711 Section 4.16 V.S.A. § 912)

State Resolution:

Louisiana, 1992

Department of Education Resolutions:

Maine, 1989 (State Department of Education Policy)
Maryland, 1997 (Consensus of County Policies)
Massachusetts, 2005 (State Board of Education Policy)
New Mexico, 2005 (State Board of Education Policy)