Sample Letter for School Superintendent or PTA/School Board Leader

The Physicians Committee

Sample Letter for School Superintendent or PTA/School Board Leader

Dear <Insert Superintendent’s name here>:

As a <Insert parent or student here>, I am writing to express my concerns about the animal dissection exercises currently taking place at <Insert school/school system name here>. The dissection of animals or animal body parts is not a constructive way to achieve a quality science education, and it sends a harmful message to students about respecting animal life and the environment. I urge you to adopt a non-animal, humane alternatives policy.

Research has repeatedly shown that non-animal alternatives, such as interactive computer programs, 3-D models, and videos, teach lessons of biology and anatomy as well as or better than traditional animal dissection. Numerous studies on this topic show that alternatives tend to be superior teaching methods, as the students can repeat the exercise and use the programs off-site for further review. Alternatives are also affordable. They present a one-time cost and can be used limitlessly for years. The animals used in dissection exercises must be purchased every year.

Dissection can desensitize students and lead to callous and indifferent attitudes toward animal welfare. Other students may be so profoundly upset by the use of animals that they lose interest in science altogether.

Many animal species commonly used for dissection, such as amphibians and some marine animals and invertebrate species, are either taken from their wild habitats or bred and killed solely for the purpose of education. Animals suffer throughout this process during capture, handling, transport, confinement, and killing.

The use of “byproduct” animals from other industries, such as fur or meat, is problematic because it supports the slaughter of animals in factory farms.

Many people mistakenly believe that dissection is necessary for students who wish to pursue science and health careers. Educators should know that students who learn from animal-friendly methods will be at no disadvantage later in their education. More than 90% of U.S. and Canadian medical schools no longer use animals in their curricula.

Thank you for your attention to this important issue. Please contact me to let me know that you have received my letter and to inform me of the actions you plan to take.

Sincerely,?<insert your name here>
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