Dissection Alternatives

The Physicians Committee

Dissection Alternatives

With today's modern alternatives, students can learn science without sacrificing compassion for animals.

Research consistently shows that cruelty-free alternatives teach concepts of anatomy and biology just as well or better than traditional dissection. They also teach students to value and respect all life forms, and can save schools money in the long run. Find out more >

Computerized techniques allow students to explore human or animal anatomy as often as they like, until they have fully grasped the information. Computer software can now provide detailed, sophisticated graphics, highly interactive features, videos, and in-depth accompanying text.

Many organizations now offer free loan programs through which teachers and students can borrow non-animal alternatives at no charge. Read more about alternatives and free loan programs >

In December 2011, India’s University Grants Commission—the national organization that funds and governs Indian universities—announced new rules that could lead to the end of almost all college-level animal dissection in the world’s second most populous nation. Click here to read the commission’s rules (PDF).

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