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Physicians Committee Online Archive
05/23/2011 -       July 2014: Read this Issue > Meet Physicians Committee's Nutrition Program Manager, Jill Eckart, C.H.H.C.; Victory! Southern Illinois University Cancels Plan to Use Pigs; Urging Sen. Cruz to Shut Down Deadly Alcohol Experiments; Paving the Way for Global Cosmetics Testing Refo
Mass General Stops Trauma Training on Animals
05/06/2011 - Massachusetts General Hospital has ended its use of animals in trauma training, after a long effort by PCRM and its member physicians. The move reflects a continued trend away from the use of animals in Advanced Trauma Life Support courses. Of the U.S. and Canadian programs surveyed by PCRM, 95 percent now use n
Human-Based Combat Trauma Training Methods
03/05/2011 - CAMPAIGN UPDATE: The Future Is Now in Medical Training: PCRM Shows Congress the Power of Medical Simulation >   Human-Based Training Methods Because widely validated and accepted nonanimal alternatives for chemical casualty management and combat trauma training courses exist, there is no justif
Frequently Asked Questions: Implementing Nonanimal Training Methods in U.S. Military Medical Courses
03/05/2011 - Frequently Asked Questions: Implementing Nonanimal Training Methods in U.S. Military Medical Courses Q: What does this medical training entail? A: In U.S. military combat trauma training courses, instructors attempt to replicate combat trauma injuries on live pigs and goats. The animals are subjected to severe
Massachusetts General Hospital Urged to Stop Killing Sheep
01/13/2011 - It’s one of the last facilities in the country still using animals in Advanced Trauma Life Support courses. But in an October demonstration, more than 50 Boston-area residents, PCRM physicians, and even a few Massachusetts General Hospital employees let the hospital know that it can’t continue to kill s
Longtime Army Doctor Asks Military to End Animal Trauma Training
01/13/2011 - It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to understand that using and killing animals in trauma training is cruel and archaic. But 20 years as an Army neurosurgeon and 15 years spent treating civilian trauma provides William Morris, M.D., a solid platform when he speaks out against the military’s use of live ani
Two More Trauma Training Courses Go Animal Free
10/28/2010 - The University of Oklahoma Medical Center and the University of South Alabama both recently announced that they have stopped using animals for trauma training. These facilities join the vast majority of United States trauma training programs, which use only nonanimal methods. Last year, PCRM filed a complaint wit
Two New Trauma Training Victories
10/27/2010 - Medical centers in New Jersey and Saskatchewan have stopped using live pigs for trauma training courses. Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) courses teach emergency medical procedures used to treat trauma injuries. At the University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine and the University of Medicine and Dentistry of
Physician Profile: Trauma Training the Modern Way: Marie Crandall, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.C.S.
10/25/2010 - Trauma surgeon Marie Crandall, M.D., cares for seriously injured patients at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. She operates on patients with life-threatening injuries, such as stab wounds to the heart or ruptured spleens. And she learned all of her surgical skills using methods based on human anatomy, n
Doctor Training Shouldn't Cost Animals Their Lives
07/14/2008 - By John J. Pippin, M.D., F.A.C.C. This opinion piece was published on July 14, 2008, in The Star-Ledger. We all want the best training for medical professionals - but is practicing emergency medical skills on live animals the best way to train our physicians and EMTs in the 21st century? As a cardiologist an

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