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March of Dimes-Funded Animal Experiments: Commonly Asked Questions
07/15/2011 - March of Dimes-Funded Animal Experiments: Commonly Asked Questions Animal Welfare 1. Does the March of Dimes still fund shocking animal experiments? 2. Is there any evidence for the poor treatment of animals in March of Dimes experiments? 3. How can there be any pain or suffe
How You Can Help Reform the March of Dimes
07/15/2011 - 1. Tell other people about the March of Dimes! Most people are not aware that the charity wastes their charitable donations on cruel and useless experimentation. One way you can easily raise awareness is to write letters: to the editor, to a celebrity spokesperson, and/or to any company in your community that suppor
Find Humane Health Charities the Easy Way
01/16/2011 - Are your donations to health charities really cruelty free? Many people give to health charities without realizing that they are indirectly supporting animal experiments. The Humane Charity Seal of Approval helps donors separate charities that fund animal experiments from those that provide vital services or ad
New Humane Seal Web Site Helps You Give and Let Live
01/14/2011 - Want to get active this spring? Maybe you’re participating in a fundraising walk or bike ride sponsored by a health charity. But is the charity funding animal experimentation? The redesigned Humane Seal website will help you walk proud by supporting an animal-friendly charity—and allow you to get active
UNICEF Earns Humane Seal: List of Humane Charities Grows
11/23/2010 - PCRM’s campaign to promote cruelty-free medical charities is growing in scope and influence. Launched just a few years ago, the Humane Charity Seal of Approval has now been awarded to more than 200 charities that fund vital patient services or life-saving
Breast Cancer Charities Embrace Nonanimal Research
10/27/2010 - This October, Americans have an exciting development to celebrate during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Forward-thinking breast cancer charities are shifting their focus from animal research to innovative, human-centered research. Since President Nixon declared a “war on cancer” in 1971, billi
Top Ten Best Health Charities Chosen by Doctors Group
11/18/2002 - WASHINGTON—Just in time for the holiday giving season, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) announces its first-ever Top Ten Best Health Charities list. The health-advocacy group has selected organizations that offer a diverse array of needed services but that don’t offend donors&rsquo
Poll Shows Majority of Americans Prefer Cruelty-Free Charities
11/26/2001 - WASHINGTON—A new poll shows that 56 percent of adults say they are more likely to donate to a health charity that does not fund animal experiments than to one that does. The survey of 1,001 men and women was conducted from November 16 to 19, 2001, by Opinion Research Corporation International of Princeton, N.J.,

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