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New Paper Calls for Rights for Chimpanzees in Laboratories
04/04/2014 - NEWS RELEASE April 4, 2014 New Paper Calls for Rights for Chimpanzees in Laboratories Researchers Say Chimpanzees Should Be Considered “Vulnerable Subjects,” Findings Could Effectively End Chimpanzee Experimentation   WASHINGTON—Chimpanzees used in experimentation
Media Center
04/16/2013 - Congressional Briefing: The State of Nutrition on the School Lunch Tray Apr. 22, 2014 Doctors Award ‘Golden Carrot’ to Nation’s Healthiest School Lunch Leaders Oct. 24, 2013 Making the Grade: Doctors Rank Healthiest School Lunch Programs in America Nov. 5, 2012 Doctors Name Healthiest Scho
Nutrition News Releases
02/07/2012 - 2012 The Stalled “Let’s Move” Campaign Needs to Get Back in Gear, Doctors Say August 8, 2012 Doctors Petition USDA to Remove Milk as Required Food from School Lunches July 19, 2012 Billboard Near Kauffman Stadium Warns All-Star Fans of Hot Dog-Cancer Link July 9, 2012
Commentary on Institute of Medicine's Dec. 15 Chimpanzees in Biomedical and Behavioral Research Report
12/30/2011 - It is two weeks since the landmark Dec. 15 Institute of Medicine report Chimpanzees in Biomedical and Behavioral Research: Assessing the Necessity was released. Generally favorable and sometimes gushing reviews have come from scientific, advocacy, and ethics communities, and now we face the critical next step: imple
Great Ape Protection and Cost Saving Act: Media Room
03/19/2011 - Media Room Dr. Barnard's Blog Victory! NIH Retires More than 100 Chimpanzees to Sanctuary Dec. 18, 2012 Congressional Hearing Considers Ending Chimpanzee Experiments April 24, 2012 PCRM Continues to Urge NIH to End Chimpanzee Experiments April 13, 2012 Chimpanzee Experiments Exposed on Prime-Time TV Feb. 2,
A Long History of Abuse and Neglect of the Alamogordo Chimpanzees
03/12/2011 -  1950s: The U.S. Air Force establishes a colony of chimpanzees at Holloman Air Force Base made up of 65 young and infant chimpanzees captured in Africa. 1959: Forty chimpanzees to be used in the space program are trained using punishment for error. Electrodes were surgically implanted in the chimpanzees. 196
Ready for Retirement: Will Congress Release Chimpanzees Used in Experiments
10/28/2010 - Meet Foxie. She is a 33-year-old chimpanzee living in Washington state. She spends her days playing outside, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, and showing off her favorite toy, a troll doll with blue hair. Until June 2008, Foxie lived in a laboratory in Pennsylvania where she was used in hepatitis vaccine expe
Torture Discussion Should Include Our Treatment of Chimpanzees
06/12/2009 - By Hope Ferdowsian, M.D., M.P.H. I first learned about torture when I was 9 years old. My father helped his family escape Iran because of concerns that they would be captured, imprisoned, and tortured for their religious beliefs. Today, as a physician who treats survivors of torture, I have patients whose stories

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