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Media Center
04/16/2013 - Congressional Briefing: The State of Nutrition on the School Lunch Tray Apr. 22, 2014 Doctors Award ‘Golden Carrot’ to Nation’s Healthiest School Lunch Leaders Oct. 24, 2013 Making the Grade: Doctors Rank Healthiest School Lunch Programs in America Nov. 5, 2012 Doctors Name Healthiest Scho
02/07/2012 - August 2014 > Gut Flora, Diet, and Health Eat the Season: Peaches Boulder to NYC: Meeting and Exceeding School Lunch Requirements Food for Life Instructors in the Blogosphere Welcoming 62 New Food for Life Affiliates Food for Life in the News July 2014 > Hydrating Through Fruits and Veg
Nutrition News Releases
02/07/2012 - 2012 The Stalled “Let’s Move” Campaign Needs to Get Back in Gear, Doctors Say August 8, 2012 Doctors Petition USDA to Remove Milk as Required Food from School Lunches July 19, 2012 Billboard Near Kauffman Stadium Warns All-Star Fans of Hot Dog-Cancer Link July 9, 2012
Good Medicine Magazine
09/22/2011 - Ivy League Animal Cruelty: PCRM Uncovers Shocking Animal Abuse at Nation’s Top Schools PCRM Fights for Aging, Sick Chimpanzees Government Committee Examines Chimpanzee Experiments Ethical and Scientific Problems Plague Animal Testing Project Nim Star Speaks at PCRM Chimpanzee Panel
05/01/2011 - Increased Calcium Intake Does Not Reduce Bone Fractures or Osteoporosis 5/27/2011 A new study published in the British Medical Journal1 found that people who consumed the highest amounts of calcium did not have a reduction in bone fractures or osteoporosis. In fact, those who consumed the most calcium (more t
Good Medicine Magazine: PCRM Sues USDA over Deceptive Dietary Guidelines
04/21/2011 - PCRM Sues USDA over Deceptive Dietary Guidelines Dr. Barnard Takes the Kickstart on Tour Doctors Learn to Unhook Patients from Problem Foods Vote for Healthy School Lunch Recipes! PCRM Works to End Animal Use in Pediatrics Training PCRM Scientists Push for Nonanimal Cosmetics Test

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