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Worried About the Paris Climate Accord? Eat a Plant-Based Diet

  June 1, 2017     Dr. Neal Barnard    


Worried About the Paris Climate Accord?

The United States pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord today. But we can continue to help fight climate change and protect the environment in other ways, including eating a plant-based diet. Did you know that eating beans instead of beef is beneficial for the environment? Or that it takes 660 gallons to make one single burger?

Share these five graphics to let the world know that no matter what happens with the #ParisAgreement, you are committed to fighting climate change with a plant-based diet.













How many gallons of water does a plant take till it is ready to eat?


Not as much as it takes to make a burger. Remember, a cow has to be fed plants every day of its life until its slaughtered. We could have simply eaten those plants fed to the cow instead (usually soy).

I am glad we are vegan and

I am glad we are vegan and helping the environment we love our beans

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