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Dr. Neal BarnardNeal D. Barnard, M.D., is a nutrition researcher, author, and health advocate. As an adjunct associate professor of medicine at the George Washington University School of Medicine, Dr. Barnard conducts studies on the role of nutrition in diabetes, obesity, and lipid management, among other health issues.

Growing up in Fargo, N.D., his extended family includes both doctors and cattle ranchers, two groups that are increasingly butting heads over America’s health policies. Dr. Barnard’s scientific approach aims to shed new light on these important issues. He is currently the president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a nonprofit of over 10,000 concerned doctors, in Washington, D.C.

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13 thoughts on “About Dr. Barnard

  1. For diabetes classes in Brasil, I am seeking copies of your “Program for Reversing Diabetes” book in Portuguese.
    Has there been a translation – and can you provide a source by return e-mail to the above e-mail — also with a copy to dave@homelandsolar.com
    Thanks very much,
    John R
    PS – today in the state of Espirito Santo, 8 hrs by car from Rio, I had about 70 persons attend a class at a health clinic http://www.clinicacarmenlucia.com.br

  2. huge fan of Dr Bernards work and the plant based diet. I have one comment that I hope will be taken seriously… we, the plant based community need to up our game. We are getting beaten back by the low-carb paleo advocates. We need a good hard-hitting book with titles like “THE LOW-CARB SCAM” or “THE CARB CONSPIRACY”. Please will one of the champions of the plant based diet write this type of book that NEEDS to be written and really expose the low-carbers. I’m sorry, but so far all we have is wet noodle articles that don’t hit hard enough in the public eye or get any TV/magazine exposure like the recent pro-fat TIME magazine cover. The paleos are winning over the ignorant because of the lack of ‘taking the fight to them’. sigh’

    1. Unfortunately there are people in our Country who still follow the low carb fad.here is my testimony .I am full blood Italian,I have eaten pasta (and still do)almost everyday.When I don`t binge on pasta,I fill myself with other carbs.II make my pasta very simple ….tomato sauce or garlic and olive oil..NO meat ,or greasy cream stuff,and no cheese,I eat about 1 lb all myself,besides other dishes….YET I am 5,11 tall,AND I wegh 145 lbs. …..Veggies and LOTS of carbs are my daily diet ,with very little meat,or cheese….I leave the conclusion to you,carb haters!

      1. Claudio, I am full blooded Italian also. I no loner eat pasta, or bread. If I eat bread I eat very little in small quantities but no wheat, unprocessed as much as possible. What you may not understand at this time in your life, is that the pasta you are eating will still and eventually create “diabetes”, and if you are drinking wine, additionally this is the set up for advanced diabetes and liver disease. I have found that our heritage has set us up for early disease no matter what your weight. There are many other factors that effect the balance of the endocrine system. I have included as a staple in my diet the use of brown rice based foods for they are not extremely high in iron and enter the blood stream over a longer period of time. Excesses of glucose and carbs, calcium, sodium, water, fats, and all electrolytes in addition to lifestyle excesses of exercise or activity, rest or sleep, exposures to disease, injury and anything we do that stimulates hormone release effects our body’s aging and ability to function. So at present your diet may be sufficient but it will not prevent diseases associated to what is considered “diabetes”. A better way to determine if you functioning optimally would be to check your blood glucose daily with fasting readings under 90, This is from personal experience as well as nursing knowledge, and research with nutrition. I don’t favor low-carb diet over paleo, but it is a start and stepping stone for those who are not educated about the nutritional benefits eating properly to function optimally.

  3. please, i’d like to know what about a program to promote the consumption of beef launched by the US Department of Agriculture.
    I read your action won and the program was cancelled, is it true?

  4. Dear Dr Barnard,
    I am 5’10″ and weighed 373lbs. I was taking insulin shots for diabetes. I saw you on late night TV and bought your book. It would not have been as effective if it just said, don’t eat meat. Anyway, stopped eating beef, butter and booze. Then I started taking two little fast 10-15 minute walks a day. I lost 50 lbs. and quit taking insulin.
    At 213 lbs I am on my way to a better life. I lost 160 lbs. and still walking it off. Added weights to my wrists. Could not have made it without you.
    I just want to thank you for giving me the information and guidance to beat diabetes. A few months ago I was having having light headedness and queasy feelings. Too much medication, almost off completely now.

  5. I am Kim’s step daughter, Dana. My brother Bill Howe & I were never acknowledged to their friends by our father Bob & Kim. I attended a Gala with Kim in Washington D.C. and believe got to meet Neal Bernard. We are so shocked & saddened by her untimely, tragic death. Thank you for your support and kind words of her.

  6. I will like to know if you can provide me a consult for vegan nutrition or give me information of another doctor near my area.

  7. I teach vegan cooking in Adelaide, South Australia. I would love to be part of the PCRM’s cooking classes. Can they be made available for people outside of America, to learn from, and then pass on to people who are just beginning to realize what is happening to animals in factory farming, their health and that of the planet.

  8. I’m so excited about this program and found a great place to eat vegan, gluten and organic!!!! Innerghealth.com

  9. You indicated calcium supplements increase cancerc risk. Clarify please. I take calcium/mag supplements to help with sleep. You have many of us wondering.

  10. Dear Dr. Barnard,

    I have been a vegan for almost two years now and recently I’ve decided to try pcrm nutrition guidelines and I ‘m very happy with it . It really is easy, especially if one is already vegan.
    Every spring I suffer from asthma so I have to take a medicine called SYMBICORT. I recently noticed that it contains lactose. Isn’t lactose an animal derivative?
    What can I do to continue on my vegan diet and at the same time to protect myself from asthma ? I don’t want to take a medication with animal products in it. Should I write a complain letter to the manufacturer? Is there another medication that does not contain animal products and can replace symbicort?
    Thank you in advance for your answer.

  11. Thanks a million Dr. Barnard for making the beggest impact on my life. I have just started your vegian diet program for a week and half and I am already enjoying the benefits. My type 2 diabetes is already under control with the blood sugar level having come down from sometimes 12ml to between 4.8ml and 6.0ml.
    My intention is to take my experience to Africa and help the miilion of diabetic people there.

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