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Do a World of Good by Quitting Meat

  November 11, 2014    


As a doctor, I focus on removing meat and dairy products from the diet for disease prevention, but many folks choose to eschew meat to reduce their carbon footprint. Just as we can no longer ignore food’s impact on our own health, we can’t ignore food's role in climate change either.

For your eco-conscious friends who still chow down on cheeseburgers, there’s a new documentary emphasizing the meat industry’s global environmental impact. Cowspiracy slams home the fact that meat production is the number-one source of greenhouse gases and deforestation. And while parts of the United States are facing a drought, it takes 660 gallons of water to produce a single hamburger.

Al Gore, Bill Gates, and James Cameron have all been decidedly outspoken about how meat production and consumption affect both health and the environment. Research shows that animal products are bad for humans—leading to an increased risk of heart disease, cancer, obesity, and diabetes. Moving meat products off your plate—for whatever reason— will have a lasting impact on your own health and the environment.


Dr. Barnard is the most caring person ever .... a champion for all!!! I hope everyone understand this .... and soon!!

I would also like to read research about how the feelings of domesticated animals are trapped in those animals' fat, and when they are raised and slaughtered in the most inhumane methods imaginable, how those feelings enter those people eating the fat, and then we wonder why the children who are eating those hamburgers, or chickens, or drinking milk or eating cheese have such a high rate of depression, rage and other types of behaviors which don't afflict those who are vegans. I know that people who enjoy a diet free of flesh and who don't use drugs, drink alcohol, smoke or use other altering substances are mostly peaceful and loving. When a doctor told me he could cut off a piece of fat from one of his meat-eating patients and it would be analyzed in a lab as coming from a particular animal, that was enough incentive for me to not eat meat, fish, or fowl! Imagine that! Does animal fat does not change in our bodies. Is that true, Neal? Please comment to my email address. Would also like to have less emphasis on grain and more information about gluten and grain problems in humans as well as what happens to animals who are fed grains, not greens.

Yes, and those who are still not convinced that meat is not healthy, do some research on "Pink Slime."

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