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Do Your Chicken Wings Taste Like Crap? Guess What’s in Them!

  February 1, 2017     Dr. Neal Barnard    


Chicken feces will be an ingredient in many of the 1.33 billion chicken wings that some Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots fans will chew on this Super Bowl weekend.

A Physicians Committee study found that nearly half of the chicken products marketed by 22 national brands and sold in 15 grocery store chains in 10 major U.S. cities contained chicken feces, as proven by laboratory testing.

Poultry Slaughter Procedures, a USDA training video obtained by the Physicians Committee through the Freedom of Information Act, reveals that the chicken slaughtering process ends with carcasses soaking in feces-filled water—“fecal soup”—for up to one hour before being packaged for consumers. Cooking does not remove feces from meat.

If that isn’t reason enough to try our plant-based Super Bowl party favorites, check out the Five Worst Contaminants in Chicken Products:

Five worst contaminants in chicken infographic


Checken faeces

There is no need any more to eat animal products as the vegetarian options are getting better and better and no suffering involved ! Great page

Thanks for this insightful

Thanks for this insightful information. I will be sharing with my meat eating family and friends!


I'm a vegan but ate meat for nearly 50 years and live with meat eaters so don't want to throw stones. Can someone tell me if organic, free-range chicken would not be exposed to these gruesome contaminants?

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