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F1's Lewis Hamilton Fuels Drive with Vegan Diet

Friday, Oct 13, 2017   Dr. Neal Barnard   vegan


Formula One racing champion Lewis Hamilton has joined the growing number of hard-driving athletes who use plant power to fuel peak performance.

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Cycling Across China with Vegan Message

Thursday, Oct 05, 2017   Dr. Neal Barnard   vegan


Cyclists led by the Physicians Committee’s Jia Xu, Ph.D., are inspiring people across China to learn about the health benefits of a vegan diet.

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Pretty in Pink: As Seen on WJLA-TV (ABC)’s Good Morning Washington

Wednesday, Oct 04, 2017   Guest post by Lee Crosby, R.D.  


Guest post by Lee Crosby, R.D.
In 2010, my doctor found some suspicious spots in my left breast. A biopsy showed they weren’t cancer, but that I had a higher risk for cancer down the road. My doctor also found a “thickened” area in my right breast she wanted to keep an eye on.

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Tom Petty's Cardiac Arrest a Reminder to Check Heart Health

Tuesday, Oct 03, 2017   Dr. Neal Barnard   heart disease


The rock star Tom Petty—whose more than 40-year career with his band The Heartbreakers included hits like The Waiting and Into the Great Wide Open—died from cardiac arrest yesterday at the age of 66.

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