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2016’s Top 10 Vegan Moments

Friday, Dec 30, 2016   Dr. Neal Barnard   ,

Plant-based diets had a successful year. In 2016, we saw vegan diets at the Olympics and French Open, prominent scientists and government officials embraced plants, and thanks to an infamous Facebook rant, “Gary” made a name for vegan cheese.  

Here are just a few of our favorite plant-based moments from 2016:

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Five Ways to Fight the 'Christmas Coronary'

Friday, Dec 16, 2016   Dr. Neal Barnard   ,

It may be the "most wonderful" time of the year--but it's also the most dangerous time of the year. Have you heard of the "Christmas Coronary"? There is a two-week spike in cardiac deaths between Dec. 25 and Jan. 7. But there are steps you can take now to keep your heart healthy this holiday season and into 2017 and beyond.

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