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American Medical Association Passes Healthy Food Resolutions

  June 15, 2017     Dr. Neal Barnard    


Patients in hospitals and economically disadvantaged people need greater access to healthy foods. The American Medical Association agrees and just passed two important nutrition resolutions that will make this possible. One encourages hospitals to add more plant-based options and remove processed meats. The other calls on the federal government to improve the healthfulness of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as Food Stamps. Below, I explain why it’s so important that the AMA is calling for more healthy foods and less junk food:




"Milk?" is right. Responsible medical people and nutritionists will specify plant-based "milk".

My husband just got out of

My husband just got out of the hospital. Their idea of plant-based was milk, yogurt, gelatin, buttermilk pancakes, and a burnt toasted cheese sandwich. Even the nurse said, "This isn't vegan!" Luckily he wasn't there long, and the early part was liquid diet (chicken broth), Italian ice (ingredients in another language, probably Italian), and jello. I had to take all of his food to the hospital. This is a lot of extra stress for family with member in the hospital.

hospital food


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