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PCRM Online October 2013 Nutrition
10/03/2013 -   October 2013 Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine  
March of Dimes-Funded Animal Experiments: An Overview
07/15/2011 - March of Dimes-Funded Animal Experiments: An Overview EXTENT, COST, and TYPES of ANIMALS USED The March of Dimes does not report the number of animals used per year. The March of Dimes uses many different species of animals, including primates, cats, dogs, rabbits, pigs, hamsters, fe
March of Dimes-Funded Animal Experiments: Commonly Asked Questions
07/15/2011 - March of Dimes-Funded Animal Experiments: Commonly Asked Questions Animal Welfare 1. Does the March of Dimes still fund shocking animal experiments? 2. Is there any evidence for the poor treatment of animals in March of Dimes experiments? 3. How can there be any pain or suffe
Physicians Committee Online Archive
05/23/2011 -       July 2014: Read this Issue > Meet Physicians Committee's Nutrition Program Manager, Jill Eckart, C.H.H.C.; Victory! Southern Illinois University Cancels Plan to Use Pigs; Urging Sen. Cruz to Shut Down Deadly Alcohol Experiments; Paving the Way for Global Cosmetics Testing Refo
Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease
05/06/2011 - Are there aspects of your health you would like to change? Perhaps you might like to lose a few pounds, bring your cholesterol down, or get away from medicines. I am here today to talk about some surprising ways to keep a healthy heart—not through prescriptions or bypass surgery, but through simple changes t
Section One: Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease
02/26/2011 - What is Heart Disease Risk Factors Different Types of Cholesterol Cholesterol: The 150 Goal How to Read a Cholesterol Test How Much Is “Good Cholesterol”?
Cholesterol and Heart Disease
09/15/2010 - Cholesterol and Heart Disease Every day, nearly 2,600 Americans die of some type of cardiovascular disease, an average of one death every 34 seconds, and 7.1 million Americans have had a heart attack during their lifetimes.1 Those who survive often go on to have another heart attack later on. But this need not happe

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