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Dead Puppy, Burned Baboons Top Ivy League Animal Cruelty Report

A dead puppy was found under a floor grate at the University of Pennsylvania. Baboons were burned and blistered in an experiment at Yale. PCRM’s new report uncovers shocking animal abuse at all eight Ivy League schools.

PCRM evaluated the Ivy League universities on their adherence to the minimal standards of the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) and their stewardship of taxpayer funding through the National Institutes of Health. The report finds that all the universities had disturbingly high numbers of AWA violations. Animals at the schools suffered injury and death from various causes, including unauthorized surgical experiments.

At Harvard, a cage was sent through a mechanical cage washer with a primate still inside. He was found dead. These are the lethal conditions he had to endure: The washer’s water temperature reaches 180 to 200 F. Detergent and acid or alkaline wash solutions were pumped into the cage. The wash cycle’s duration lasted 15 to 20 minutes. At times, its water pressure was the same as a riot-control water cannon, according to product specifications.

“Federal inspectors at Ivy League laboratories should not be uncovering burned baboons and a dead puppy under a floor grate,” says John J. Pippin, M.D., F.A.C.C., a PCRM physician and former Harvard Medical School faculty member. “Prestigious research institutions getting millions of dollars in grant money should be held accountable for neglect and abuse of animals used in experiments and should commit to replacing animals in research.”

Based on a PCRM scoring system that weighs the number and severity of violations, the Ivy League schools were ranked from worst to least bad in the Ivy League Research Misconduct Report Card:

Ivy League Research Misconduct Report Card

Rank University
Research Misconduct Score
Notable Violations
University of Pennsylvania 120 A dead newborn puppy was found under a kennel floor grate.
Worst (tie)
Princeton University 49 Nonhuman primates were routinely forced to go more than 24 hours without water.
Worst (tie)
Yale University    49 Baboons were burned and blistered when heating pads were substituted for warm water units in an experiment.
4th Worst Harvard University 48 A cage was sent through a mechanical cage washer with a primate still inside. He was found dead.
5th Worst Cornell University 38  A primate’s lungs essentially burst when an important valve was not opened during surgery. The animal died of pulmonary hyperinflation.
6th Worst Brown University 35 Students used animals in surgical experiments not approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. Two had to be euthanized.
7th Worst
Dartmouth College 33 An investigator noticed a nonhuman primate so thin his pelvic bones showed. The attending veterinarian had not been notified of this life-threatening weight loss.
8th Worst Columbia University 25 Alternatives to a painful experiment were not even considered.

 To read the complete report and ask NIH to stop funding the Ivy League’s animal abuse, visit

Animal Cruelty at Ivy League Colleges

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PCRM Online,
October 2011

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