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 November 2009 Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine  

News and Campaign Updates

John SalleyNBA Star Asks Congress to Give Students Healthy School Lunches
Four-time NBA champion John Salley recently scored one for students’ health by taking on unhealthy school lunches. In letters to Sen. Blanche Lincoln, D-Ark., and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., Salley asked Congress to improve child nutrition and fight obesity by helping schools serve more fruits, vegetables, and healthful vegetarian foods. School Lunch Cancer Risk >

Grace SlickRock Legend Grace Slick Calls for End to Chimpanzee Experiments
Forty years after pioneering a cultural revolution, Grace Slick is leading another movement. In collaboration with PCRM, the former Jefferson Airplane singer, known for hits songs like “Somebody to Love,” recorded a voicemail inviting members of Congress to a Capitol Hill multimedia exhibit about chimpanzees and the Great Ape Protection Act. The bill has 94 congressional co-sponsors, but it needs another six. Hear Slick's Message > 

chickenCarcinogen Found in McDonald’s, Burger King, and Friendly’s Meals
Burger King tells its customers, “Have it your way.” For a Connecticut breast cancer survivor, having it her way would mean the fast-food chain would post warnings in all its restaurants about the carcinogen in its grilled chicken. Last month, she joined another Connecticut resident in filing a class-action lawsuit against the restaurant—as well as McDonald’s and Friendly’s—for failing to warn customers about the known carcinogen. Carcinogen at KFC >

sheepMassachusetts General Hospital Urged to Stop Killing Sheep
It’s one of the last facilities in the country still using animals in Advanced Trauma Life Support courses. But in an October demonstration, more than 50 Boston-area residents, PCRM physicians, and even a few Massachusetts General Hospital employees let the hospital know that it can’t continue to kill sheep. During the event, PCRM also delivered a petition signed by more than 9,000 people who want the hospital to use superior nonanimal training methods. Save Massachusetts Pigs > 

Food for Life TVTV Treats Diabetes during Diabetes Awareness Month
Americans are divided about the impact of the possible health care bill. In a recent poll, 49 percent said health care costs will go up. Another 49 percent expect no change or an improvement. As the debate continues, there is something everyone can do now to help reduce the $174 billion spent on diabetes each year: Watch Food for Life TV. Annual Diabetes Deaths >


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