Tackling Diabetes

The Physicians Committee

Tackling Diabetes

Eating meat significantly increases the chance that you’ll develop type 2 diabetes, according to a new article by PCRM in Nutrients. PCRM has long been concerned by the dietary ties to this escalating epidemic and is leading a conference to address the issue this July.

International Conference on Diabetes

At the International Conference on Diabetes this July in Washington, D.C., leading experts will share their insights on insulin resistance, the use of plant-based diets, and the changing face of diabetes worldwide. Experts will discuss how to integrate nutrition interventions in clinical practice and the need to refocus research priorities.

In the new research in Nutrients, PCRM experts evaluated studies that examined different levels and types of meat consumption and the risk for developing diabetes. Meat-eaters had significantly higher risk of developing diabetes, compared with people who avoided meat.

Meat’s effect on diabetes risk may be caused by its content of saturated fat and heme iron, among other factors.

The authors recommend that consumption of meat products should be included alongside other established risk factors when screening for a patient’s risk of diabetes. This research adds even more evidence to what we already knew: plant-based diets significantly reduce the risk of diabetes.

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