PCRM Member's Documentary Takes on Unhealthful School Lunch

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PCRM Member's Documentary Takes on Unhealthful School Lunch

PCRM Member’s Documentary Takes on Unhealthful School Lunch

Next year, Congress will consider the reauthorization of the Child Nutrition Authorization Act, the legislation responsible for setting nutrition standards for the National School Lunch Program. PCRM is gearing up for a major campaign to ensure every school child has the option of a plant-based meal, but one of our long-time members has already fired the opening salvo.

lunch-hour-documentaryDocumentary filmmaker James Costa directed and produced Lunch Hour, a riveting film about America's National School Lunch Program and its contributions to childhood obesity and our country’s addiction to unhealthful foods.

Less an exposé than a thoughtful and passionate analysis of the problem from all angles, the film includes interviews with students, school administrators, cafeteria workers, parents, members of Congress, nutrition advocates, and experts like PCRM’s president Dr. Neal Barnard.

The images of processed meat- and cheese-laden lunch trays are as haunting as undercover footage from factory farms, as is the prospect of a new generation of children already stricken with the precursors of heart disease. 

Costa refuses to lay the blame at the feet of any one entity and instead shows how a multi-faceted problem requires a holistic approach. He even ends the film on a note of hopefulness, reminding viewers that a few simple changes could make a huge difference to the health of our nation's children.

The documentary is newly available for download on iTunes. Learn more at www.lunchhourmovie.org.