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News and Campaign Updates


Hard-Fought Victory for Animals at Medical College of Wisconsin
Hundreds of demonstrators braving frigid Wisconsin winters. Tens of thousands of e-mails, letters, and phone calls from PCRM members and supporters. Billboards on busy Wisconsin highways. After years of efforts like these by PCRM and its members, the Medical College of Wisconsin finally announced it has stopped using pigs in its first-year physiology course and likely stopped using frogs, rats, and rabbits. Campaign Milestones >


Neal Barnard, M.D.Dr. Barnard Helps PBS Viewers Take Control of Diabetes
An alarming report recently found that in just three months in 2009, 304 deaths were linked to the diabetes drug Avandia. But in live presentations on Public Broadcasting Service stations across the country this month, PCRM president Neal Barnard, M.D., will explain how a low-fat vegan diet can help the 23 million Americans with diabetes dramatically improve their condition—without negative side effects. Which Cities? >


squirrel monkeyNew Document Reveals Gruesome Details of NASA’s Monkey Radiation Experiments
In February, PCRM submitted a legal petition urging the Office of the Inspector General to halt NASA-funded experiments that will expose live squirrel monkeys to harmful radiation. Based on analysis of a previously undisclosed government document, PCRM experts have concluded that the monkey experiments are wasteful and unlawful. Taxpayers Pay Millions >


Ginnifer Goodwin
Actress Ginnifer Goodwin Has Big Love for 21-Day Vegan Kickstart
HBO’s Big Love ends its fourth season this month. But fans who want to see more of Ginnifer Goodwin, who plays Margene Heffman on the series, don’t have to wait long. Goodwin joined PCRM’s 21-Day Vegan Kickstart, and on March 17, she’ll tell Kickstarters how they can achieve the same life-changing benefits she has experienced on a vegan diet. More Kickstart Surprises >


monkeyAnimals, Research, and Alternatives Conference Call for Abstracts
This August, PCRM will bring together a global panel of experts for the Animals, Research, and Alternatives: Measuring Progress 50 Years Later conference. Attendees will discuss animal experimentation, changing cultural perspectives about the status of animals in society, and burgeoning alternatives to animal research. In conjunction with the conference, abstracts on these themes are now being accepted. April Deadline >


Veggie Hunter35 Million View Cancer Project’s Veggie Hunter TV Spot
An intrepid scientist searches the darkest jungles in remote corners of the Earth to find exotic substances and powerful remedies to prevent cancer. Sounds like the plot of a blockbuster movie, right? But in Veggie Hunter, the latest public service announcement from the Cancer Project, a PCRM affiliate, beating cancer doesn’t depend on Hollywood magic. Watch Veggie Hunter >


Peter Max paintingShow Your Passion for Compassion: Join PCRM’s Art of Compassion Gala
PCRM’s 25th anniversary Art of Compassion gala is next month. With the star-studded guest lineup and breathtaking location, this gala promises to be an extraordinary event—complete with dozens of special guests, awards, and entertainment. But celebrating a quarter century of achievements and looking ahead to new successes is the gala’s true purpose. And it’s not too late for you to take part. Buy Virtual Tickets >


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