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 June 2009 Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine  

News and Campaign Updates

cancer-causing grilled chickenCarcinogen Found in KFC’s New Grilled Chicken
KFC calls its new Kentucky Grilled Chicken “the better-for-you chicken for health-conscious customers.” But recent PCRM tests of the new grilled chicken revealed substantial amounts of a carcinogenic chemical in all samples tested. Breast cancer concern > 

sheepVictory! OU Medical Center Ends Animal Use
The University of Oklahoma Medical Center just confirmed to PCRM that it has stopped killing goats in its trauma training course and now employs nonanimal training methods. But sheep at Massachusetts General Hospital still need your help. Despite thousands of messages from people like you, the hospital killed sheep in its trauma training course this May. Help us end animal use in all upcoming courses at the hospital. Save sheep this summer >

girl eating healthy school lunchJoin Twitter Co-Founder: Tweet About Healthy School Lunches
The revolution will be tweeted! The Healthy School Lunch Revolution—PCRM’s campaign to reform the Child Nutrition Act—continues to gain momentum. More than 30,000 supporters have signed the Facebook petition. And now Twitter co-founder Biz Stone has joined PCRM in asking Congress for healthy vegetarian options in school cafeterias. 10,000 contacted USDA > 

rabbitNew International Testing Guidelines Will Save Animals
New product-testing procedures adopted by a key international organization will save thousands of animals a year from painful death. At a recent meeting in Paris, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development approved several new or revised test guidelines that will replace animals or reduce the number killed in common toxicity tests. These guidelines will become the standard for companies in many countries to follow. New Draize test alternatives >

kid eating vegetablesChildhood Obesity Conference Confronts the Fattening of America
Is childhood obesity more dangerous than cancer? In the next 50 years, pediatric obesity may shorten life expectancy in the United States by two to five years—an effect equal to that of all cancers combined, according to research by David Ludwig, M.D., Ph.D. Hear his and other childhood obesity experts' solutions for this epidemic at this month's National Conference on Childhood Obesity. Congresswoman joins presenters >

pigsSwine Flu Ad Urges Government to Shut Down 'Flu Farms'
In May, the World Health Organization announced that it will be several months before a swine flu vaccine is produced. Yet as the swine flu alert hovers at phase 5, just below pandemic level, the likely source of the epidemic—pig farms—continues to put people’s lives in danger. So PCRM is asking the government and pork producers for solutions. View video >  

woman eathing an appleApples versus Avandia: Vegan Diets Treat Diabetes
As diabetes drugs such as Avandia are being linked to dangerous side effects, PCRM is providing evidence and education on the power of a low-fat vegan diet to treat and prevent type 2 diabetes. Last month, PCRM published diabetes studies in two major nutrition journals—and PCRM nurse practitioner Caroline Trapp was a finalist for a prestigious American Association of Diabetes Educators award. Join diabetes message board >


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Little animals make news: The Wall Street Journal covers PCRM's efforts to promote alternatives to testing on mice

Sister 2 Sister magazine covers PCRM’s Wyntergrace Williams commercial

Discovery Channel covers animal pleasure paper by Jonathan Balcombe, Ph.D., PCRM research scientist

Dallas NBC affiliate covers Cancer Project cooking class taught by instructor Katherine Harwell

Science Progress prints article on factory farms and the swine flu by Aysha Akhtar, M.D., M.P.H.

PCRM Publications

The Columbia Daily Tribune prints op-ed about swine flu by PCRM president Neal Barnard, M.D.

New Jersey’s Star-Ledger prints letter by Hope Ferdowsian, M.D., M.P.H., PCRM director of research policy, about acne-dairy link

Texas newspaper prints letter by PCRM’s John Pippin, M.D., F.A.C.C., opposing use of cats in medical training

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