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Meet Caroline Trapp: PCRM’s New Diabetes Care Expert

Caroline Trapp, M.S.N., A.P.R.N., B.C.-ADM, C.D.E., recently joined PCRM as the director of diabetes education and care. Board-certified in adult primary care, advanced diabetes management, and diabetes education, she has worked with people with diabetes for more than 20 years.

Her role at PCRM is to oversee new diabetes prevention and reversal initiatives. For professionals, she is creating new continuing medical education programs and patient education materials. For individuals with diabetes, she is continually updating PCRM's online diabetes materials, including acting as a forum moderator for the Get-Healthy Club, PCRM’s online support group.

Trapp was essential to the creation of the new PCRM Food for Life to Prevent and Reverse Diabetes classes in the Detroit area, the first site outside of Washington, D.C., to host these classes. This diabetes course was designed by physicians, certified diabetes educators, and other nutrition experts, and is based on PCRM president Dr. Neal Barnard’s research showing that a low-fat vegan diet can help individuals with diabetes cut their blood sugars, reduce their medications, lose weight, and trim their cholesterol levels. The classes have already helped many individuals gain control over their diabetes by teaching proper nutrition, behavioral skills, and diabetes self-care methods.

Trapp learned of Dr. Barnard’s work a few years ago when she was at a professional and personal crossroads: Her patients were complaining about the cost and side effects of medications, and her own cholesterol was quite high. She happened to read the first study Dr. Barnard conducted on diabetes and adopted a low-fat vegan diet. After Dr. Barnard’s latest study was published, she began to offer this diet as a treatment option to her patients.

Trapp’s motivation to spread the word about the power of nutrition is in part due to the death of her good friend, Connie, of a rare ovarian cancer. Connie’s biggest frustration was that she could not find the information she needed to stay alive. “I am motivated to do everything I can to be sure that everyone with diabetes, and those at risk for diabetes, has the potentially life-saving, life-improving information about the power of whole foods to prevent and reverse diabetes,” Trapp said.

Caroline Trapp, M.S.N., A.P.R.N., B.C.-ADM, C.D.E.
Caroline Trapp, M.S.N., A.P.R.N., B.C.-ADM, C.D.E.

PCRM Online, June 2007

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