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News and Campaign Updates

NIH Moves to Retire Most Government-Owned ChimpanzeesNIH Moves to Retire Most Government-Owned Chimpanzees
On June 26, the National Institutes of Health announced its decision to retire most government-owned chimpanzees. The Physicians Committee and its members and supporters played an important role in this landmark decision. Endangered Species Protection >

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Two previous Geico study participants

New GEICO Multicity Study: Workers Lose Weight, Improve Diabetes on Plant-Based Diet
Companies that offer employees a low-fat plant-based diet in the office can help workers lose weight and improve diabetes, according to a new study by Physicians Committee doctors and scientists published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Employee Wellness Program >


Medical College of Wisconsin ends animal use

Wisconsin Medical School Ends Its Last Animal Lab
The Medical College of Wisconsin announced to the Physicians Committee last month that it finally ended all animal use in its medical education programs. Members and supporters who sent thousands of e-mails and participated in demonstrations made this a reality. Timeline >


Dr. Neal Barnard New Nutrition Curriculum for Health Care Profes

New Nutrition Curriculum for Health Care Professionals
The new Nutrition Education Curriculum website helps the growing number of physicians who want to offer nutrition information to their patients. The Physicians Committee website allows health care professionals to stream video lectures and download supplemental resources for their patients. 18 Videos >


Lawsuit Over Princeton Baby Marmoset Death

Lawsuit Over Princeton Baby Marmoset Death
The U.S. Department of Agriculture violated the Freedom of Information Act by not providing the Physicians Committee documents on the death of a baby marmoset in a Princeton University laboratory, according to a lawsuit filed on June 13. Violations >


FDA: Ban Multivitamins Containing Copper or Iron

FDA: Ban Multivitamins Containing Iron or Copper
The Physicians Committee is urging the Food and Drug Administration to require vitamin manufacturers to reformulate common multivitamins that contain iron or copper, due to possible links with Alzheimer’s disease. Brands >


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