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Washington, D.C., Politician and Breast Cancer Survivor Supports Humane Seal

It’s been decades since the “war on cancer” was launched. But breast cancer continues to kill tens of thousands of women every year, despite the billions of dollars spent on animal experiments. Fortunately, some charities are leading the way to more effective, human-centered research. In May, a Washington politician joined the Humane Seal in supporting one of these charities in its nonanimal research.

Participant with Humane Seal T-shirtThis spring, Washington Councilwoman Mary Cheh showed her support for humane research when she participated in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in the district. Cheh is a breast cancer survivor and a strong supporter of nonanimal medical research. She and her colleagues wore hot pink Humane Seal T-shirts to highlight the Avon Foundation's commitment to humane breast cancer research. PCRM staff members held “Team Cheh Rocks!” signs and cheered on the team as it passed.

Like Cheh, you can show your support for humane breast cancer research by joining one of the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer events: San Francisco on July 11 and 12, Los Angeles on September 12 and 13, New York on October 10 and 11, and Charlotte, N.C., on October 24 and 25. If you can’t make one of these, you can still support the Avon Foundation’s lifesaving research.

Consider joining Avon’s collaboration with the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, another humane charity. They have formed the Love/Avon Army of Women initiative to recruit 1 million healthy women to directly participate in breast cancer research. Almost 300,000 women have already joined. This movement will focus on identifying factors that increase the risk of developing breast cancer. Thanks to organizations like these, the list of Humane Seal breast cancer charities committed to supporting innovative, nonanimal research alternatives continues to grow.

But other charities continue to fund experiments in which animals suffer and die. Recently, more than a half-dozen of these charities—including the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the National Breast Cancer Research Center—were added to the Humane Seal’s list. Through the Humane Seal Web site, you can tell organizations like these that you will only support humane breast cancer research.

To learn about other Humane Seal-approved breast cancer charities, visit You can also send a message to breast cancer charities that are still funding experiments on animals and ask them to stop.

Washington Councilwoman Mary Cheh
Washington Councilwoman Mary Cheh

PCRM Online, July 2009

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