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New PCRM TV Spots Offer Crash Course in Kids’ Nutrition

Cancer Project PSAAdorable children in helmets, knee pads, and other protective gear took a starring role before the cameras this summer for the filming of The Cancer Project’s two new television public service announcements (PSAs).

Parents work hard to protect their kids when they’re biking, roller-skating, or participating in sports. But what most threatens children’s health is not a tumble on the sidewalk. Their biggest threat is unhealthy food. These new PSAs urge parents to protect their children early in life by feeding them a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and other healthy vegetarian foods.

The first PSA, “Crash Course,” shows scenes of crash test dummies testing a bike helmet, a car seat, and a stroller. The final crash test dummy becomes a real child in a highchair being fed a healthy vegetarian meal by her mom.

“Protective Gear,” the second PSA, features children weighed down with awkward padding and other safety gear. The message to parents: A lot goes into protecting children from harm, but we should not overlook one of the best protections of all—a healthy vegetarian diet.

Both “Crash Course” and “Protective Gear” will promote a Web site and toll-free number through which parents can order a free booklet packed with kid-friendly healthy recipes and nutrition information.

The Cancer Project staff was on-site for the filming, which took place in Los Angeles in early June. The spots will also have accompanying radio PSAs. This winter, the Cancer Project will distribute the PSAs to television and radio stations across the United States.

This summer, look for another Cancer Project TV spot on your local stations. Mimicking a drug ad, this PSA has a humble bean as its star. The spot begins with a pharmacist counting what appear to be pills for a lifesaving prescription. By the end of the piece, the contents of the prescription bottle are revealed to be beans, not pills.

Check for an update on these projects. On the Web site, you can also view “Technology,” which stars PCRM physician members and features a voice-over by Sir Anthony Hopkins.


PCRM Online, July 2006

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