Complaint Says Wayne State Dog Experiments Don't Help Humans

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Complaint Says Wayne State Dog Experiments Don’t Help Humans

Local doctors and concerned citizens joined the Physicians Committee in November at Wayne State University to protest the use of dogs in heart failure experiments. Doctors also delivered a petition with more than 1,000 signatures to Wayne State’s new president.

In a related case, a Michigan judge recently ruled in favor of the Physicians Committee and ordered Wayne State to provide medical records and other documents relating to the dog experiments.

The documents reveal that Rogue, a small hound, was forced to exercise on a treadmill just four days after one of her surgeries. After less than five months, Rogue was euthanized. When the experimenters removed their equipment from Rogue, they found that she had a hole in her aorta and had been bleeding into her chest for four days. Rogue’s short life in the laboratory failed to provide any data that would lead to treatments for human patients.

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Complaint Says Wayne State Dog Experiments Don't Help Humans