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  April 2006 Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine  
News and Campaign Updates
Digital Frog

PCRM Offers Free Dissection Alternative
With today's advanced technology, there are many humane alternatives to animal dissection in the classroom. PCRM is offering a free copy of one of them, Digital Frog 2, to students, parents, and teachers. Learn more >

boy eating school lunch

Study Finds Soymilk Is a Hit With Schoolchildren
In a study published this month in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, PCRM researchers found that when offered soymilk as a choice in the school lunch line, almost a quarter of the children chose soymilk over dairy milk. Learn more >


Promoting Alternatives at the Medical College of Wisconsin
Last month thousands of people in the Milwaukee area read some disturbing news in their local newspaper, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. A front-page story reported that Milwaukee's Medical College of Wisconsin is one of the few medical schools in the country that still uses live animals in its curriculum. The article discussed PCRM's ongoing campaign to end live animal labs in all medical schools. How you can help >


Scientific Review Finds Vegetarian Diets Lead to Weight Loss
There is good news for dieters looking for an easy way to slim down. A scientific review of 87 studies on vegetarian diets and body weight concludes that excluding meat from one's diet can result in weight loss, even without exercise or calorie-counting. Learn more >


Animal Tests of Anti-Inflammatory Drug Failed to Predict Human Risk
Within hours of taking their first dose of an anti-inflammatory drug, six participants of a recent London drug trial landed in the hospital with severe swelling and multiple organ failure. This latest animal-testing failure follows on the heels of Vioxx, which appeared safe in animals but causes potentially fatal reactions in people. How you can help >

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The San Diego Union-Tribune publishes an opinion piece by PCRM's Aysha Akhtar, M.D., M.P.H.

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