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November 2016: Read this Issue>

Join Alec Baldwin: Stick a Fork in Diabetes; Court Fails to Stop Industry Influence of Dietary Guidelines; Students Send Message: Milk is Garbage; Washington University Ends Animal Labs for Pediatrics Training; Toxicologists Promote Nonanimal Testing at Global Conference

October 2016: Read this Issue>

Another Hospital Agrees to #NixTheNuggets; Kickstart Your Health Atlanta!; University Ends Animal Use in Emergency Medicine Training; Doctors Urge Hennepin County Medical Center to End Animal Use; Are You at Least 70 1/2 Years Old?

September 2016: Read this Issue>

Theaters Ban 'Sausage Party' Cancer Ad; White House: Stop USDA from Sending Cheese to Schools; Complaints Against Animal Use in North and South Carolina Medical Training; Ensuring Lautenberg Act Has Resources to Minimize Animal Testing

August 2016: Read this Issue>

WATCH: Break the Meat Habit; Seven Dietary Guidelines for Healthy Gut Bacteria; Doctors Bring Veggie Dogs to Congress; Meat and Dairy Subsidies Make America Sick; Scientists Recommend Animal-Free Method to Create Better Antibodies; Ask Congress to End Military Medical Training on Animals

July 2016: Read this Issue>

Grady Hospital Shuts Down Its McDonald’s; Q-and-A: Author of WHO Processed Meats and Cancer Report; WATCH: Neal Barnard, M.D. on the End of Animal Use in Medical Student Training; Lautenberg Chemical Act: Historic Victory for Public Health, Animals; Finding Dory Fans Find Out About Dorrie

June 2016: Read this Issue>

Dump Diabetes, Quit the Carton: eggs lead to diabetes

VIDEO: Warning to Egg-Eaters: 'Dump Diabetes. Quit the Carton.'; Billboards: Your Heart's Not Lovin' the Fatty Fast Food; Johns Hopkins Ends Live Animal Laboratory; Paramedics Trained on Live Pigs, Simulators Superior

May 2016: Read this Issue>
Sign Petition Urging Hospital to Go #FastFoodFree

Sign Petition Urging Hospital to Go #FastFoodFree; Petition: Simulators, Not Live Sheep, for Medial Training; Rochester, N.Y., Joins Vegan Kickstart; Become a Physicians Committee Rising Science Star; Interview: Debunking the Paleo Myth

April 2016: Read this Issue>
Physicians Committee Online: Soy is Beneficial to Health
WATCH: Alec Baldwin's Radical Nutrition Plan; Billboards Target Cancer 'Hot Spots': Keep Hot Dogs Out of Schools; No Debate: Soy is Beneficial to Health, EPA to Reduce Animal Use in Pesticides Testing; Hundreds of Toxicologists Learn about Method to Reduce Animal Testing; Enter Our Birthday Sweepstakes!

March 2016: Read this Issue>

Physicians Committee experts have contributed to the development of a software program called the Quantitative Structure Active Relationship (QSAR) Toolbox, which allows scientists to predict the toxic effects of chemicals without testing on animals

February 2016: Read this Issue>

Help Get Greasy Fast Food Out of Hospitals; Path to Improved Chemical Testing without Animals; Investigation into Dietary Guidelines Cholesterol Money Trail; Ad Warns of Live Animal Labs for Medical Training; Doctors, Dietitians Offer Plant-Based Makeover for Congressional Cafeterias

January 2016: Read this Issue>

The Barnard Medical Center, which opened on Jan. 5, is a place where patients get the care they need, where they and their families are supported for diet and lifestyle changes, where doctors, nurses, and dietitians can thrive, and where medical students can learn

2015 Issues

December 2015: Read this Issue>

2015 Highlights from the Physicians Committee; NIH Ends Chimpanzee Experiments; Let's Not Sugarcoat Obesity's Leading Causes; Criminal Complaint: End Animal Use in Ohio Medical Training; FDA Urged to Write Policy on Nonanimal Test Methods

November 2015: Read this Issue>

Doctors Seek to Ban Carcinogenic Hot Dogs from School Lunches; 'Cholesterol Kills': Billboards Warn House Ag Committee Chair; Kickstart in November and Get Holiday Recipes!; Getting Kids to Eat Vegetables; Scientific Journal Calls for Human-Relevant Heart Failure Research; Chemical Companies, Regulators Seek Animal Test Alternatives

October 2015: Read this Issue>

Congress: Don't Let Meat, Dairy Industry Shape Dietary Guidelines; Orange is the New Pink this Breast Cancer Awareness Month; Billboard Confronts Wayne State over Experiments on Dog Named Madonna; Johns Hopkins: Improve Your Medical Training; Advancing Alzheimer's Research Without Animals.

September 2015: Read this Issue>

FDA: Extend Trans Fats Ban to Animal Products; New BMJ Study May Fuel Confusion over "Bad" Fats; Medical Training Programs Continue to End Animal Use; Need for Human-Relevant Alzheimer’s Research

August 2015: Read this issue >
Congress Competes in Veggie Burger Smackdown
Congress Competes in Veggie Burger Smackdown; Hundreds of Physicians Learn Plant-Power Fights Heart Disease; Who's Making Money from Overweight Kids?; Hartford Hospital Ends Animal Trauma Lab; Vanderbilt: First, Do No Harm; Shifting Away from Animal-Derived Antibodies in Medical Research

100 Restaurant Salads Worse Than a Big MacJune 2015: Read this issue >
100 Restaurant Salads Worse Than a Big Mac; New Study: Plant-Based Diet Reduces Diabetic Neuropathy Pain; Coming Soon: Barnard Medical Center; Celebrities Unite to #EndDogExperiments; Doctors Petition to End the Use of Beagles for Drug Testing



Actor Alec Baldwin on Alzheimer's Prevention DietMay 2015: Read this issue >
D.C. Heart Health Conference; Actor Alec Baldwin Says "Eat to Fight Alzheimer's;" Billboard Urges Baseball Fans "Keep Bacon Off Your Plate;" Actress Lily Tomlin Joins Call to End Wayne State Dog Experiments; Two Medical Schools Stop Using Animals; Landmark Chemical Legislation Requires Nonanimal Test Methods


Dr Neal Barnard provides oral testimonyApril 2015: Read this issue >
Dr. Barnard Provides Oral Testimony for the 2015 Dietary Guidelines; ENRICH Medical Education with Nutrition; Physicians Committee Friends and Supporters Are Simply Sublime; Chemical Safety Legislation Must Focus on Human-Relevant Testing; Nonanimal Tests Prominent on Society of Toxicology Meeting Agenda


Power Plate

March 2015: Read this issue >
New Dietary Guidelines: The Good, the Bad, and the Downright Confusing; Follow Your Passion: Become a Food for Life Instructor;  VegRUN: Free Training Program for Spring Races; Remembering Kim Howe: A Voice for Compassion; A Plant-Based Diet Boosts Physical Health and Emotional Well-Being;  Improve Medical Training for Troops; Animal Welfare Act Should Oversee All Federal Animal Experiments


Ellen DeGeneres' Birthday Wish: Give to the Physicians Committee

February 2015: Read this issue >
Ellen DeGeneres’ Birthday Wish: Give to the Physicians Committee; Does Your Hospital Serve Hazardous Food?; Plant-Based Diets: Lose Weight, No Calorie Counting; Register: Food for Life New Instructor Training Aug. 19-21; Ohio Billboards Warn of Substandard Medical Training; Human-Based Research for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Needed; Top Tweets of the Month


January 2015: Read this issue >
Physicians Committee: The Best of 2014; Exclusive: Brain-Boosting Tips from Vegan World Memory Champion; Healthful Airport Food Takes Off; Physicians Committee Stops Government’s Beef Marketing Plan; Tennessee Billboards Warn of Substandard Medical Training


2014 Issues

New Physicians Committee Studies: Plant-Based for Diabetes, Migraines

December 2014: Read this issue >
New Physicians Committee Studies: Plant-Based for Diabetes, Migraines; Try Autogripe: Speak Out Against Dietary Disasters; CARE Research: Test Drugs with Technology; Military Modernizes Some Medical Training; Pegada Tóxica (Tail of Toxics) Featured in Brazilian Film Festival


Golden Carrot Awards for Schools Serving Healthy School Lunches

November 2014: Read this issue >
We Don't Just Imagine, We Create; Autogripe It: Ask Arby's to Halt the Meat Mountain Immediately; Fight Diabetes During Native American Heritage Month; Golden Carrot Awards for Schools Serving Healthy School Lunches; Seventh Generation New Ally in Chemical Testing Reform; Doctors Urge University: Train Paramedics with Simulators, Not Animals

Orange is the New Pink this Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 2014: Read this issue >
Orange is the New Pink this Breast Cancer Awareness Month; Tell Quaker Oats to Ditch the Dairy; Doctors Ask Laval University to Replace Animal Labs with Modern Simulators; Physicians Committee Sponsors Landmark Nonanimal Toxicology Workshop; Are You a Physician with a Passion for Disease Prevention?


Physicians Committee OnlineSeptember 2014: Read this issue >
Physician-Led Demonstration Urges Johns Hopkins’ to Switch to Simulation;  Toxicologists Tell Seventh Generation: Support Human-Based Chemical Tests; Penny Marshall Urges Wayne State to Improve Heart Disease Research; Seven Foods to Supercharge Your Gut Bacteria; New Physicians Committee Study: Vegan Diet May Help Diabetic Neuropathy

Physicians Committee Online August 2014August 2014: Read this Issue >
School Lunch Leaders Share Success at Capitol Hill Briefing; International Conference on Diabetes Seeks to Reverse Epidemic; Join Us in the Hamptons: Passion for Compassion Benefit Weekend; Dietitians Ask Nathan’s to Take a Holiday from Hot Dogs; Doctors Persuade OHSU to Modernize Medical Training; Top Tweets of the Month

PCRM Online July 2014 July 2014: Read this Issue >
Meet Physicians Committee's Nutrition Program Manager, Jill Eckart, C.H.H.C.; Victory! Southern Illinois University Cancels Plan to Use Pigs; Urging Sen. Cruz to Shut Down Deadly Alcohol Experiments; Paving the Way for Global Cosmetics Testing Reform; Attend the International Conference on Diabetes; Online Auction to Benefit the Physicians Committee; Six Tips to Help Prevent Cancer

PCRM Online June 2014 June 2014: Read this Issue >
Meet Physicians Committee's Communications Specialist and Social Media Manager Dania DePas, M.A.; Tickets on Sale Now for August Hamptons Event; Speaking Out Against Johns Hopkins' Animal Use; Animated Video Uncovers Animal Testing Flaws; Ellen Joins Campaign to Halt Taiwan Rabies Experiments; Billboard Calls Foul Ball on Bacon; Five Foods to Help You Eat Like Beyoncé; Upping the Ante Against KFC's Double Down

Chimpanzees are vulnerable research subjectsMay 2014: Read this Issue >
Message from PCRM's Manager of Government Affairs Colin Schwartz; Chimpanzees are Vulnerable Research Subjects; Congress Introduces Landmark Cosmetic Animal Testing Ban; UW: Switch to Simulation; A Cure for Doctors' Lack of Nutrition Education; Don't Take the Bait—Fish is Not a Health Food; Drop the Dog, Pick a Plant!; Hill Staff and Plant-Powered Athletes Talk Veggies

Subway's Health Claims are BolognaMarch 2014: Read this Issue >
Subway's Health Claims are Bologna; 8 Natural Ways to Cut Blood Pressure; Say No to Dannon; Tackling Diabetes; PCRM Member's Documentary Takes on Unhealthful School Lunch; Fluffballs are in Session; Ads Challenge Canadian University's Use of Piglets; Coast Guard Limits Animal Use

Meat by day, impotence by nightFebuary 2014: Read this Issue >
Billboard Confronts Wayne State Over Dog Experiments; Meat by Day: Impotence by Night; 'Babe' Star Asks University of Mississippi to End Live Animal Labs; Get Smart About Brain Health at; Alcohol and Quail Chicks: A Recipe for Cracked Science; Academy Award Nominee Helps Native Americans Fight Diabetes; VegRUN Adds 5K and 10K Training, DC Rock 'n' Roll Marathon

PCRM Calls Foul on Beagle Rabies ExperimentsJanuary 2014: Read this Issue >
PCRM Calls Foul on Beagle Rabies Experiments; Watch: Don't Eat Anyting With A Face Debate; Humanizing Heart Failure Experiments; The Physician's Role: From Bystander to Leader; PCRM Wins Decades-Long Medical School Campaign; Power Foods for the Brain; Cruelty-Free Chemical Testing; Kickstart Five Ways; Improving Pediatrics Training; Cutting Edge Clinical Research

2013 Issues

Jay Z Teams up with the KickstartDecember 2013: Read this Issue>
Jay Z, Marco Borges Team Up with the Kickstart; Watch Dr. Barnard Discuss the Health Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet; Fly Vegan: Denver Soars to First Place in Annual Airport Food Review; Complaint Says Wayne State Dog Experiments Don't Help Humans

Golden Carrot Award 2013November 2013: Read this Issue>
Golden Carrots Honor Nation's Healthiest Lunches; Alec Baldwin Urges Taiwan Not to Infect Beagle Puppies with Rabies; Congress Gets Hands-On Demo of Lifesaving Combat Trauma Training Simulators; 'Free Birds' are All for Going Bird-Free; Doctors Protest Southern Illinois University's Use of Pigs in Invasive Procedures

Bathroom Humor to Fight Prostate CancerOctober 2013: Read this Issue>
Actress Maggie Q Asks Taiwan to Halt Rabies Experiments on Beagle Puppies; Bathroom Humor to Fight Prostate Cancer; Kickstart Japan Joins International Lineup; Petition Urges Elizabeth Arden to Come Clean about Animal Testing; Soap Star Helps PCRM Spread Alzheimer’s Prevention Message; Physicians Committee Nominated for Prize for Replacing Animal Testing

Decades-Long Campaign Ends Animal Use at Military Medical SchoolSeptember 2013: Read this Issue>
Decades-Long Campaign Ends Animal Use at Military Medical School; PCRM’s New GEICO Study Shows How Plant-Based Diets Improve Nutrition; Experiments Will Expose Beagle Puppies to Rabies Virus; Training for a Fall Half Marathon? Try VegRUN!; Scientists Ask Elizabeth Arden to Protect Consumers and Animals; Federal Employees: Save Lives By Designating Your CFC Contribution to PCRM #10460

Med School StudentsAugust 2013: Read this Issue>
Doctors Urge Illinois Medical School to Modernize Medical Training; Physicians Committee Recommendations Lead to Improved Pesticide Testing; Seven Revolutionary Tips to Improve Brain Health; Report Uncovers Five Worst Contaminants in Chicken Products; Protecting Human Health by Limiting Livestock Antibiotics; Congress Gets Healthy with 9-Year-Old Vegan Chef Noah Koch

Chimpanzee NIHJuly 2013: Read this Issue>
NIH Moves to Retire Most Government-Owned Chimpanzees; New GEICO Multicity Study: Workers Lose Weight, Improve Diabetes on Plant-Based Diet; Wisconsin Medical School Ends Its Last Animal Lab; New Nutrition Curriculum for Health Care Professionals; Lawsuit Over Princeton Baby Marmoset Death; FDA: Ban Multivitamins Containing Iron or Copper

Neal Barnard on EllenJune 2013: Read this Issue>
Physicians Committee Petitions Air Force to End Animal Use; Watch Dr. Barnard Discuss Power Foods on the ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’; Toxicity Testing Workshop Recommends Replacing Animal Tests; Kickstart India Returns!; Improving Toxicity Testing through the Chemical Safety and Improvement Act

Elizabeth KucinichMay 2013: Read this Issue>
Physicians Committee Hosts Congressional Vegetarian Caucus; Join the VegRUN Marathon Training Program; Baby Boom + Fast Food = Dementia Boom; Attend the International Conference of Nutrition and the Brain; Physicians Committee Persuades Harvard to Close Primate Facility; Military Avoids Timeline to Modernize Combat Trauma Training

April 2013: Read this issue> dog used at Wayne StateCourt Says Wayne State Must Provide Records of Dog Heart Failure Experiments; Here’s the Poop: Warning Labels on Chicken; PCRM Campaign Improves Pediatrics Training at University of Virginia; The Physician’s Role in Nutrition-Related Disorders: From Bystander to Leader; Air Force, Army Continue Animal Use in Combat Trauma Training; Suicide Burger among Five Worst Fast-Food Secret Menu Items; PCRM Urges Canadian University to Modernize Pediatrics Training; Attend the International Conference of Nutrition and the Brain

March 2013: Read this issue>
pig used in trauma trainingSimulators Replace Live Pigs in Tulane Trauma Training; Power Foods for the Brain by Neal Barnard, M.D.‘Power Foods for the Brain’ Reveals Brain-Boosting Diet; EU Confirms Ban on Animal Tested Cosmetics and Ingredients; Suspend Heart Attack Grill License after Spokesman’s; Review Finds Prolonged Pain Experiments in Mice

February 2013: Read this issue>
PCRM OnlineFifty Chimpanzees Held Captive for Future Experiments; Report: McDonald’s, Chicken-Fried Steak Served in Children’s Hospitals; ‘Your Mom Is Not a Pig’ Warns Mississippi Newspaper Ad; Share Vegan Success Stories with the World; Victory! Pesticide Tests Are Not for the Birds, or Any Animal

January 2013: Read this issue>
pigs used in military trauma trainingVictory! Congress Holds Military Accountable for Killing Animals; New Kickstart Health Tracker: Monitor Weight, Blood Pressure, and More; Victory! NIH Retires More than 100 Chimpanzees to Sanctuary; Diabetes Dilemma: Unlocking the Solution for 100 Million Americans; Army is Shooting Animals: PCRM Asks the Department of Defense to Investigate

2012 Issues

December 2012: Read this issue>
catU.S. Air Force Mutilates Live Animals for Trauma Training; Healthful Airport Meals Are Ticket for Traveling Light; Hurricane Sandy: 10,000 Animals Left to Die in NYU Lab; It’s a Crapshoot: Feces Taint 50 Percent of Buffalo Chicken; PCRM Pushes for Cuts in Animal Testing at Cosmetics Company; Make Your 2013 Vegan New Year’s Resolution Today

November 2012: Read this issue>
catVictory! PCRM Ends Cat Dissection in California Schools; Kale to the Chief: No More Junk-Food Photo Ops; PCRM Protests Hartford Hospital's Lethal Use of Pigs; School Lunch Report Card Grades 22 School Districts; Kickstart India: 21 Days of Vegan Recipes and Cooking Demos

October 2012: Read this issue>
PCRM Online October 2012Help 100 Chimpanzees Being “Retired” to Texas Laboratory, Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Vegetariano en 21 Días, PCRM’s Golden Carrot Award Winners for Healthiest School Lunches, Don’t Blame Peanut Butter for Salmonella Outbreak: It’s the Meat!

September 2012: Read this issue>
Time Is Running Out: Save Hundreds of Chimpanzees; Kickstart Anniversary: New Cooking Demos, Celeb Coach; Army Kills Animals in National Guard Training Course; Vegetariano en 21 Dias: PCRM Launches Spanish-Language Kickstart; PCRM’s Research Without Cruelty Friend-Raiser; "Let's Really Move" Asks White House to Get Junk Food Out of School Lunches

August 2012: Read this issue>
milkWonderful News! Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act Moves Toward Passage; Stop Dairy Industry from Milking School Lunches for Profit; Senate Introduces Bill to Save Animals and Improve Military Medical Training; Hot-Dog Eaters, Save Your Buns; Harvard Lab Announces Intent to Retire Monkeys Following PCRM Complaint; Fast Food Fuels Obesity in China: Kickstart China Begins Aug. 6; Victory for Kittens at University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center; Become a Food for Life Instructor: Apply Today!

July 2012: Read this issue>
PCRM Online July 2012Victory! Two More Medical Schools End Live Animal Labs; Five “Healthy” Kids Meals as Unhealthy as Twinkies, Big Macs, Bacon; Live Pigs Mutilated at Connecticut Hospital; Food for Life Summer Seminar: Early-Bird Registration Ends July 10; PCRM Asks Cosmetics Companies to Come Clean About Animal Testing; Register Today for the Life-Changing Kickstart Intensive Program; Mugging for Facebook with a Dead Cat: Dissection Brings out the Worst in California Students; Join Alec Baldwin and PCRM for Cocktails, Compassion, and Conversation

June 2012: Read this issue>
chimpanzeeUnlawful Chimpanzee Experiments at Bioqual; Petition Needs 25,000 Signatures by Friday: End Presidential Junk-Food Photo Ops; Help End Use of Live Cats and Ferrets in Pediatrics Training Programs; Join PCRM’s New VegRUN Marathon Training Program; International Survey: What Influences Alternatives to Animal Toxicity Testing?; Kickstart India: 21 Days of Low-Fat, Vegan Indian Recipes; Victory! Covance’s Arizona Animal-Testing Facility Closes; Register Today for the Life-Changing Kickstart Intensive Program

May 2012: Read this issue>
Bill MaherBill Maher Asks Congress to Pass Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act; Nearly Half of Supermarket Chicken Tainted by Feces; Billboard, Protest Urge End of Lethal Pig Use in Trauma Training; PCRM’s Food for Life Program Launches New Website; Use of Cats in Pediatrics Training Continues at University of Virginia; Farm Bill Contributes to Health Hazards of Factory Farms; Kickstart India Returns June 4: Register Today

April 2012: Read this issue>
Hot Dogs Cause Butt CancerBlood, Breakable Bones Show Congress Benefits of Trauma Training Simulators; Watch Your Butts, Hot Dog Fans; Pink Slime and Ham: School Meal Disasters; Victory for Ferrets in Washington; Cats Need Help at University of Virginia; All-New Recipes and New Celebs Join 21-Day Vegan Kickstart; So You Think You Know Nutrition? Test Yourself!

March 2012: Read this issue>
Ellen DeGeneresEllen DeGeneres Supports Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act; PCRM to Heart Attack Grill: Shut It Down; Air Force Kills Pigs in Combat Trauma Training Course; Chinese and American Celebs Launch Kickstart China; Worst Restaurant Foods: Super Bowl Losers and Valentine's Heartbreakers; Help Your Physician Get Nutrition Education at

February 2012: Read this issue>
James FrancoWatch James Franco and Kevin Nealon Pledge to Save Chimpanzees; Paula Deen Has Diabetes, PCRM Offers Help; Bob Barker Asks University of Virginia to End Cruel Use of Live Cats; Chinese-Language 21-Day Healthy Challenge Begins March 5; Cheese Billboards Highlight Obesity Risk; Feb. 10 Application Deadline: Bring Food for Life Nutrition and Cooking Classes to Your Community

January 2012: Read this issue>
Airport Food ReviewAirport Food Review: Detroit Healthiest, Atlanta Falls to Bottom; IOM Report Highlights Need to Pass Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act; Jamie Oliver, Paula Deen Make PCRM’s Worst Cookbooks of 2011 List; Daredevil Comedian Steve-O Joins 21-Day Vegan Kickstart; New PCRM Survey Shows Demand for Cruelty-Free Personal-Care Products; Worst Hospital Foods Environments: High-Fat Cafeteria Meals and Fast Food; Bring Food for Life Nutrition and Cooking Classes to Your Community

2011 Issues

December 2011: Read this issue>
catCats Endure Bleeding and Bruising in University of Virginia Training Program; Bacon-Rectal Cancer Billboard Posted Near Bacon Festival; Taxpayer IOUs Highlight Food Stamp Reform Plan; Kickstart Your Diet in 2012: Become the Next Success Story; Humane Seal: New Charities, New Successes, New Council Member; Novo Nordisk Ends Live-Animal Use in Quality Testing

November 2011: Read this issue>
Natalie Portman Congratulates Golden Carrot WinnersNatalie Portman Congratulates Golden Carrot Winners; Kickstart India Preview Begins; Billboards Warn of Hot Dog-Cancer Link; Army Ends Use of Monkeys in Chemical Casualty Courses; Canada Ends Cruel Live Animal Labs; Nearly 25,000 Urge EU to Ban Marketing of Cosmetics Tested on Animals; Puerto Rico Halts Construction of Monkey Breeding Facility.

October 2011: Read this issue>
Ivy League Animal CrueltyDead Puppy, Burned Baboons Top Ivy League Animal Cruelty Report; Grim Reaper Takes on Cheese: Billboard Warns Packers Fans of Obesity Risk; Monkeys Wounded in Army’s Cruel Nerve Agent Demonstrations; Kickstart India Begins Nov. 7: Register Today!; Salmonella, MRSA, E. Coli Danger: Antibiotic Resistance from Animal Agriculture.

September 2011: Read this issue >
Chimpanzee Real Planet of the Apes: Unlawful Chimpanzee Experiments at Texas Biomed; Actress Maggie Q Joins the 21-Day Vegan Kickstart; Victory! Indiana University Ends Cruel Use of Cats; Bring Food for Life Nutrition and Cooking Classes to Your Community; Alicia Silverstone and Kristin Bauer Urge Ban on Animal Tests for Cosmetics; Plant-Based Nutrition Videos: and

August 2011: Read this issue >
Project Nim Project Nim Star Speaks at PCRM Chimpanzee Panel Discussion; Hot Dogs Can Wreck Your Health: Billboard Warns NASCAR Fans; Reforming Chemical Testing to Better Protect Humans, Animals, the Environment; Kickstart’s Second Anniversary Celebration: Join Us Sept. 5; Cruel Summer: Animals Die for Medical Training; PCRM’s Native American Diabetes Prevention Classes Focus on Ancestral Foods

July 2011: Read this issue >
ChimpanzeeKickstart Book Tour Reaches Maximum-Capacity Crowds; Chimpanzees Used in Experiments Suffer Mood and Anxiety Disorders; “Up Your Defenses” Against Diabetes Urges NBA Champ John Salley in New Ad; The Washington Post Covers Dr. Barnard’s New Blog; Unlawful Animal Use at University of Mississippi Medical Center

June 2011: Read this issue >
Lea MicheleBreaking News! USDA Replaces Food Pyramid with Plate; Glee Star Lea Michele Champions Chimpanzees; Subway Sub, McDonald’s Oatmeal Among Five Worst “Healthy” Fast Foods; Recent Victories: End of Animal Use for Trauma Training in Sight; Detroit Piston Joins Physicians to Ask for Agricultural Subsidy Reform; Pediatrics Victory Helps Animals and Babies; Dr. Barnard Joins the Blogosphere

May 2011: Read this issue >
Draft Stephen ColbertDraft Stephen Colbert: Only He Can Lead America Out of Its Health Crisis; Ricky Gervais, New Legislation Seek End to Chimpanzee Experiments; Taxing America’s Health: Subsidies for Meat and Dairy Products; Citizen Lobbyists Urge End to Animal Use in Combat Trauma Training; Kickstart Mom’s Health: New Food for Life 90-Day Journal

April 2011: Read this issue >
21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart by Neal Barnard, M.D.21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart Book Tour this April; McDonald's Staff Asked to Join April 21-Day Vegan Kickstart; Martha Stewart Show Goes Vegan with Twitter's Biz Stone; Victory! Ferrets and Rabbits Saved from Pediatrics Training in Texas; Ebola Experiments at Alamogordo Chimpanzees' New Lab; Bill Would End Animal Use in Military Trauma Training; PCRM Advises European Cosmetics Industry's Nonanimal Research Initiative

March 2011: Read this issue >
Lethal Use of Pigs for Medical School TrainingNew Video Uncovers Lethal Use of Pigs for Medical School Training; Meat and Dairy Dangers Concealed in Dietary Guidelines, Says Lawsuit; PBS Kickstart Your Health Program Features New 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart Book; Animals Unlawfully Used in University of Washington’s Pediatrics Training; 2011 Super Bowl Star Promotes Healthy School Lunches; PCRM Asks Congress for Chemical Tests That Protect Humans and Animals; Miss DC USA 2010 Interviews NBA Champ John Salley on His Passion for a Healthier America

February 2011: Read this issue >
Oprah Winfrey Benefits of Vegan DietOprah Winfrey and Dietary Guidelines Highlight Benefits of Vegan Diet; NASA Radiation Experiment Update: Sanctuaries for Squirrel Monkeys?; White House Protest: Feds Urged to Consider Power Plate over MyPyramid; Pigs and Rabbits Saved from Trauma Training in Canada; Dr. Barnard Returns to PBS in March with “Kickstart Your Health”; PCRM Shines in Florida: Continuing Education Program and Sublime Reception; PCRM Launches Nurses Nutrition Network

January 2011: Read this issue >
Alamogordo Chimpanzees Will Stay Put for NowSuccess! Alamogordo Chimpanzees Will Stay Put for Now; “Block Diabetes” with NBA Champion John Salley: New TV and Radio Spot; Victory! NASA Forced to Suspend Cruel Monkey Experiments; Continuing Education: Nutritional Interventions for Diabetes and Other Chronic Diseases; You Helped End Pig Deaths at University of Massachusetts; Bob Harper Shares Nutrition Tips During 21-Day Vegan Kickstart; Gordon Ramsay, Trisha Yearwood Make PCRM’s Five Worst Cookbooks of 2010 List

2010 Issues
  • December 2010
    Gov. Bill Richardson Petitions USDA to Halt Transfer of New Mexico Chimpanzees; Airport Food Review: Detroit Healthiest, Atlanta and Washington Lag; Monkeys Dosed with Narcotics: Addiction Experiment Documents Released; New York Times, PCRM Expose USDA’s Marketing of High-Fat Dairy Products; University of Pittsburgh Slow to Stop Killing Pigs for Trauma Training; New Celeb Joins 21-Day Vegan Kickstart Beginning Jan. 3
  • November 2010
    California Court to Grill McDonald’s about Cancer-Causing Chemical in Chicken; Victory! Canadian Medical Schools End Live Animal Labs; Veggie Fare, Soymilk Earn School Lunch Programs Thousands of Dollars; Is Victory Near in NASA Monkey Radiation Experiments Campaign?; Diabetes Awareness Month: PCRM Debuts Healthy Native American Cooking Program; New Toxicology Society Seeks to Promote Nonanimal Methods for Chemical Testing; Too Fat to Fight: Plant-Based Diet Could Slim Down Military Recruits
  • October 2010
    Over 1 Million Served: PCRM’s Commercial Targeting McDonald’s Goes Viral; Animal Abuse: Southwest National Primate Research Center’s Disturbing History; X-Men's Hugh Jackman and Biggest Loser's Jillian Michaels Back Healthy School Lunches; Comedian Carol Leifer Supports Cruelty-Free Charities in New Radio Ad; Playing with Fire: Billboard Warns of Grilled Chicken Carcinogens; iTunes Features PCRM’s New 21-Day Vegan Kickstart App; Remembering Rodney: PCRM Introduces Commemorative Calendar
  • September 2010
    Eggs-tremely Disgusting: Inspectors Uncover Factory Farm Filth in Iowa; True Blood’s Kristin Bauer Opposes Experiments on New Mexico Chimpanzees; Not-So-Happy Meals: McDonald’s Tops List of Worst Fast-Food Kids Meals; Tulane 'Criminally Liable' for Pig Deaths; Kickstart Countdown: Journey to Improved Health Starts Sept. 6; Carcinogen Found in Grilled Chicken: PCRM Lawsuit Moves Forward
  • August 2010
    NASA Engineer Resigns to Protest Agency’s Monkey Radiation Experiments; PCRM Sues FDA Over Diabetes Drugs’ Fatal Side Effects; Victory for Pigs at University of Wisconsin!; Vegan Diet Dramatically Improves GEICO Employees’ Health; International Body Approves Landmark Nonanimal Test; Sneak Preview of September’s 21-Day Vegan Kickstart Website; Vegan Diet Dramatically Improves GEICO Employees’ Health; International Body Approves Landmark Nonanimal Test; Sneak Preview of September’s 21-Day Vegan Kickstart Website; Last Chance: PCRM’s Inaugural Conference on Modernizing Medical Research
  • July 2010
    Bob Harper of The Biggest Loser Asks Congress to Pass Healthy School Meals Act; Cancer at Your Cookout: The Five Most Dangerous Foods to Grill; Proposed Dietary Guidelines Highlight Benefits of Vegetarian Diets; ‘Don’t Nuke the Monkeys’: Billboards, Ads, Demonstration Target Cruel NASA Experiments; Victory! Pigs Saved in Tennessee; Physicians and Scientists Form New Scientific Society to Promote Nonanimal Testing; Of Mice and Men: Animals, Research, and Alternatives Conference Examines Relationship
  • June 2010
    Help Stop Tulane’s Deadly Pig Lab; Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi Ask Congress for Healthy School Lunches; Actress Pamela Anderson Urges Congress to Support the Great Ape Protection Act; Turner Field Billboard Warns Braves Fans of Cancer-Hot Dog Link; Council on Humane Giving Launches Humane Companies Program; Get Healthy, Go Vegan with Dr. Barnard’s Two New Cookbooks; Is Your Sunscreen Safe for Humans and Animals?
  • May 2010
    Seinfeld Alumna, Soap Star, Students Rally for Healthy School Meals; New Chemical-Testing Bills Are First Step for Consumer and Animal Protection; Journal Publishes PCRM’s Childhood Obesity Conference Proceedings; Conference Examines Status of Animals in Society and Research; Five Worst Cinco de Mayo Foods: Baja Fresh Tops List
  • April 2010
    Actress Scarlett Johansson Asks Congress to Pass the Healthy School Meals Act; High-Profile Ads and Award Highlight PCRM’s Efforts to Protect Chimpanzees; Ellen DeGeneres among Celebs Receiving PCRM’s Voice of Compassion Award; Nobel Prize Winner Praises New Book’s Case for Animal Intelligence and Emotion; Power Plate’s Well-Rounded Diet Could Save Your Life; Tulane University Kills Pigs, Violates Federal Law
  • March 2010
    Hard-Fought Victory for Animals at Medical College of Wisconsin; Dr. Barnard Helps PBS Viewers Take Control of Diabetes; New Document Reveals Gruesome Details of NASA’s Monkey Radiation Experiments; Actress Ginnifer Goodwin Has Big Love for 21-Day Vegan Kickstart; Animals, Research, and Alternatives Conference Call for Abstracts; 35 Million View Cancer Project’s Veggie Hunter TV Spot; Show Your Passion for Compassion: Join PCRM’s Art of Compassion Gala
  • February 2010
    Victory! Pigs Saved in Canada; Doctors Ornish and McDougall Speak at ‘Vital Signs’ Continuing Education Event; Citizen Lobbyists Urge Congress to End Military's Use of Animals; PCRM’s 21-Day Vegan Kickstart Marches On; Talk Show Host Bill Maher Asks NASA to Halt Monkey Experiment Plan; Sublime Vegan Cookbooks Top PCRM’s Best Cookbooks List
  • January 2010
    Bill Requires End of Live Animal Use in Military Medical Training; Avatar and Arkansas Ads Impact Childhood Obesity; Victory! Puerto Rican Residents Win First Battle to Halt Monkey Farm; Kickstarters Chat Live with Marilu Henner on Friday; PCRM’s Legislative Fund Educates and Legislates; Unhealthiest ‘Gourmet Burgers’: Wendy’s Tops List; PCRM Members Vote to Stop Animal Testing

2009 Issues

  • December 2009
    Lawmakers' Empathy for Chimpanzees Is Contagious; NBA Champion Visits Congress to Urge Child Nutrition Act Reform; PCRM’s Toxicity Testing Campaign Could Save Millions of Animals; New Year’s 21-Day Nutrition Program Features Celebrity Counselors; NASA's Monkey Experiments: One Giant Leap Backward; Detroit Flies High in Airport Food Review; Taxpayers Unwittingly Fund Animal Cruelty
  • November 2009
    NBA Star Asks Congress to Give Students Healthy School Lunches; Rock Legend Grace Slick Calls for End to Chimpanzee Experiments; Carcinogen Found in McDonald’s, Burger King, and Friendly’s Meals; Massachusetts General Hospital Urged to Stop Killing Sheep; TV Treats Diabetes during Diabetes Awareness Month
  • October 2009
    Victory for Sheep in Minnesota, Pigs in New Jersey; Dorothy Hamill's and Patrick Swayze's Cancer Battles Raise Prevention Awareness; U.S. Chimpanzees Could Go Dutch; It's Not Business as Usual for School Lunches; Millions of Animals Saved from Chemical Toxicity Tests; See Alicia Silverstone’s ‘Off-Broadway’ Vegan Cooking Demo
  • September 2009
    Another Victory for Pigs in Canada; ‘Town Hall’ and Capitol Hill Ads Call for Healthy School Lunches; A Royal Visit with Negra, Queen of the Chimpanzees; Celebrity Chefs and New Classes Teach Plant-Based Diabetes Prevention; Longtime Army Doctor Asks Military to End Animal Trauma Training; Prize-Winning Food Service Workers Serve Veggie School Lunches; Make a Choice That Benefits Animals, PCRM, and You
  • August 2009
    Hot Dogs Strike Out at All-Star Game and in New Jersey; Victory for Dogs in New Orleans and Pigs in Canada; Actor Tobey Maguire Joins the Healthy School Lunch Revolution; Monkey Farm Could Prove Catastrophic to Public Health; Get Ready to Kickstart Your Health with PCRM on Sept. 8; PCRM Presents Humane Testing Alternatives to Global Scientific Community; Invest in a Humane Stock Market
  • July 2009
    Monkeys Poisoned, Goats Maimed in Gruesome Military Training; 50,000 Sign Petition Asking for Vegetarian School Lunches; Actress Joins PCRM Campaign to Save Great Apes; How to Beat the High Cost of Childhood Obesity; Washington, D.C., Politician and Breast Cancer Survivor Supports Humane Seal; Victory in Alabama! Simulator Replaces Live Pigs in Trauma Training Course
  • June 2009
    Carcinogen Found in KFC’s New Grilled Chicken; Victory! OU Medical Center Ends Animal Use; Join Twitter Co-Founder: Tweet About Healthy School Lunches; New International Testing Guidelines Will Save Animals; Childhood Obesity Conference Confronts the Fattening of America; Swine Flu Ad Urges Government to Shut Down 'Flu Farms'; Apples versus Avandia: Vegan Diets Treat Diabetes
  • May 2009
    Teen Celeb Promotes Healthy School Lunches; Pigs Killed in North Dakota Trauma Training Course; Cancer on a Cracker? Five Worst Packaged Kids Meals; The Pleasure Principle: Promoting Animal Happiness; Got Pimples? Dairy and Sugar Linked to Acne; In Memory of Simon Chaitowitz; Morgan Spurlock Asks Super Size Me Viewers to Support PCRM
  • April 2009
    Victory Spares Pigs in Albany; PCRM Conference Confronts Childhood Obesity Epidemic; New Humane Seal Web Site Helps You Give and Let Live; Meat Study Highlights Need for School Lunch Reform; Help Keep Animals and People Safe from Harmful Chemicals; Urge Congress to Support the Great Ape Protection Act
  • March 2009
    You—and 20,000 Other Supporters—Ended the Live Dog Lab in Michigan; Michael Landon's Daughter Speaks Out About Cancer; Medical College of Wisconsin Piloting Alternative to Live Animal Lab; The Effects of 30 Years of Weight Gain; Three Easy Ways You Can Improve Lunch for 30 Million School Children.
  • February 2009
    Cash Prizes for Vegetarian School Lunches; Surrendered Pet Dogs Killed in Trauma Training at University of Michigan, Live Pigs Killed in Fargo, N.D., and More
  • January 2009
    Unfriendly Fire: End the Military's Use of Animals in Trauma Training, Easy-on-the-Wallet 'Value Meals' Are Hard on Health, and More

2008 Issues

  • December 2008
    Victories! Idaho State Stops Killing Dogs and University of Tennessee Stops Killing Pigs; Actress Jennifer Landon Honors Father in Cancer Project Campaign; Burger King Alerts Customers to Cancer-Causing Chemical in Grilled Chicken; PCRM Partners with American Chemistry Council and EPA to Seek Alternatives to Animal Testing
  • November 2008
    Meet Debra Durham, Ph.D.: PCRM’s New Expert in Animal Trauma; Sir Anthony Hopkins Asks Spike TV to Donate $25,000 to The Cancer Project; Cruelty-Free Army Gets Humane Seal of Approval; Processed Meats Petition Urges USDA to Stop Serving Hot Dogs at School Lunches; PCRM Preps for Diabetes Awareness Month with Today Show Appearance and Study Showing Vegan Diets Reduce Diabetes Risks; PCRM’s Proposal Against Animal Testing Gains International Support at European Congresses
  • October 2008
    Ads in Newark Penn Station Seek Hot Dog Lawsuit Plaintiffs; PCRM Seeks Nominations for Dissection Alternatives Award; School Lunch Report Card Shows Some Improvement; New Study Exposes Cancer Risk in Grilled Chicken Meals at Leading Restaurants; Cruel Use of Animals in ATLS Courses Ends at Two More Universities
  • September 2008
    Cancer and Nutrition Symposium a Huge Success; Sens. McCain and Obama on Animal Testing; Humane Seal Awarded to Stand Up for a Cure; Vegan Author on Capitol Hill; Join Dr. Neal Barnard on the Holistic Holiday at Sea
  • August 2008
    The Cancer Project Launches Major Processed Meat Campaign; Fighting Animal Abuse in New Jersey; Targeting the Real Cause of Salmonella; PCRM Petitions Department of Defense to End Live Animal Use; New TV Spot Uses Humor to Educate Men About Prostate Cancer Prevention
  • July 2008
    Annual Symposium Presents the Latest in Cancer Research and Policy; Reducing Animal Experiments Across the Globe; Oprah Raises Awareness of Vegan Diets; Dissection Alternatives Victory; PCRM Advocates Healthy Vegan Diets for Children
  • June 2008
    New Online CME Program for Health Professionals; PCRM Scientist Takes Pro-Animal Message to South Africa; Food for Life TV; Battling Cruel Animal Experiments; The Dubman Family and Carol House Furniture Encourage New PCRM Stewards
  • May 2008
    Washington Post Exposes Government Failure to Replace Animal Testing; PCRM Scientists Quoted; New Scientific Review Shows Milk Does Not Aid in Weight Loss; Brody School of Medicine Ends Its Live Animal Labs; PCRM Cooks on Capitol Hill; Cure for Spinal Cord Injury Hampered by Animal Models
  • April 2008
    Florida Schools Put Veggie Burgers on the Menu; Reducing Animal Use in Toxicity Testing; PCRM Presents at the 5th International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition; Stepping Up Efforts to End Live Animal Labs at Johns Hopkins; 'Med School' TV Spot Shows Benefit of Vegetarian Diet
  • March 2008
    PCRM Ramps Up Live Animal Lab Campaign, Launches New Whistleblower Hotline; Schools Pull Beef from Lunch Lines in Wake of Massive Recall; Disturbing Monkey Death Underscores Problems with Animal Research Labs; Reverse Diabetes Tour Hits Carolinas, Offers Antidote for Diabetes Epidemic; Hollywood Stars Share Their Favorite Vegan Recipes with PCRM
  • February 2008
    Billboards Call for Action Against Animal Labs in Portland and Milwaukee; New Year, New You; Renowned Author Donates Dakota Proceeds to PCRM; PCRM President Takes Diabetes Program to India; Chandler Open Meeting Law Violation Still Standing
  • January 2008
    Animals Win in New York and Missouri, Wisconsin Continues to Lag Behind; Eating on the Fly; Aviation Consultants Detail Risks Associated with Covance Facility; Hundreds Log On to Food for Life for Diabetes Online Classes; They Asked for It: CalEPA Gets Earful About Animal Testing

2007 Issues

  • December 2007
    PCRM Supporters Bring Support, Publicity to Farm Bill Issues; Moving Beyond Animal Research; Number of Teen Vegetarians on the Rise; Find Humane Health Charities the Easy Way; Diabetes Experts Educate Health Professionals About the Power of Vegan Diet.
  • November 2007
    Medical Professionals, Senators Call for Major Changes to Farm Bill; New U.S. Medical Schools Will Teach Students Without Animals; Chicago Schools Take Top Prize in PCRM’s Golden Carrot Awards; Gloria Steinem Speaks Out Against Covance’s Cruelty; Bananas and Broccoli Star in New Public Service Announcement.
  • October 2007
    Help PCRM Stop Childhood Obesity; PCRM Toxicologists Present Non-Animal Research Alternatives in Tokyo; PCRM Argues for Milk Warning Labels; PCRM Helps Company Find Alternative to Animal Testing; PCRM Studies Confirm Weight Loss and Cancer Survival Benefits of Plant-Based Diet
  • September 2007
    Physicians Sue California University for Violating Animal Welfare Law; PCRM Report Card Reveals School Lunch Disparities; Stony Brook University, Saint Louis University End Animal Labs After Bar Association, PCRM Letters; Congress Updates America’s Farm Bill, The Cancer Project Holds Second Annual Symposium
  • August 2007
    Diet Matters in Breast Cancer Prevention and Survival; Seven Local Residents, PCRM File Lawsuit Against City of Chandler; New Study Finds Race Plays Role in Cancer Survival; New York Bar Association Challenges Use of Animal Labs in Med Schools; Two New Public Service Announcements Highlight Vegetarian Diets
  • July 2007
    PCRM Leads D.C.-Area Initiative to Improve School Lunches; New Billboard Calls for an End to Summer Dissection Course; PCRM Sets the Record Straight About Vegan Child-Rearing; Pleasurable Kingdom Released in Paperback, Foreign Language Editions; Vote for the Most Misleading Dairy Commercial
  • June 2007
    USDA, Dairy Industry End Dairy Weight-Loss Advertisements; PCRM Expert Speaks at Covance Air Quality Hearing; New Study Finds Eating Fish Does Not Protect the Heart; New Approved Tests to Spare More Than 250,000 Animals in EU; Meet Caroline Trapp: PCRM’s New Diabetes Care Expert
  • May 2007
    Duke University Ends Live Pig Lab in Medical School Curriculum; PCRM Celebrates the Art of Compassion; Reverse Diabetes Book Spurs Successes Across the Country; PCRM Billboards Educate March of Dimes Walkers; PCRM Seeks Nominees for the Golden Carrot Awards
  • April 2007
    PCRM Prepares for the Art of Compassion Gala 2007; AMSA Passes Resolution Encouraging Replacement of Live Animal Labs; Start Putting Nutrition to Work for Better Health; Help PCRM Reform the March of Dimes This Spring; Vote for the Commercial with the Worst Health Message
  • March 2007
    Animals Win in Texas; Wisconsin Falls Behind; PCRM Hosts Continuing Medical Education Seminar in Washington; PCRM Research Scientist Takes Pleasurable Kingdom to India; The Humane Seal Highlights International Suicide Prevention Inc.
  • February 2007
    PCRM Takes Action as Medical College of Wisconsin’s Dog Lab Draws Near; New Web Site Offers Interactive Diabetes Resources; Help Stop the March of Dimes' Animal Cruelty; PCRM Informs Governors of Financial Costs of Diabetes; Clinical Biochemistry Publishes PCRM Paper About Cruelty-Free Insulin Assay
  • January 2007
    Reversing Diabetes Across the Country; Tuberculosis Outbreak at Covance’s Wisconsin Facility Highlights Dangers; Pleasurable Kingdom Reaches Indian Audiences; PCRM to Host Gala in April

2006 Issues

  • December 2006
    PCRM, Wis. Humane Society Denounce Dog Lab at Medical College; PCRM’s Airport Food Review Finds Increase in Healthful Options; Covance Discusses Incinerator With Officials; PCRM Releases Report About Dangers; Dr. Neal Barnard Hosts Diabetes Lecture and Cooking Demonstration
  • November 2006
    PCRM Announces Golden Carrot Award Winners; Covance Eyes New Chandler Location for Animal-Testing Facility; PCRM Files Lawsuit Over Carcinogens in Grilled Chicken; University of Rochester Drops Live Animal Labs From Medical School Curriculum; PCRM Public Service Announcements Reach Wide Audience
  • October 2006
    Chandler Residents Sign Statements of Opposition Against Covance; New ‘Body by Milk’ Ads Target Teens; PCRM Urges Medical Schools to Go High-Tech; Vote on the Commercial with the Worst Health Message
  • September 2006
    Virginia School Takes Down ‘Blood and Guts’ Web Site; School Lunches: Some Pass, Others Need Improvement; PCRM Steps Up Efforts to Keep Covance Laboratories Out of Chandler; The Cancer Project Partners with Dana Farber Cancer Institute; PCRM Scientists Save Animals’ Lives at Dow Chemical
  • August 2006
    New Study Shows Vegan Diet Effective Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes; University of Texas at San Antonio, Georgetown University End Use of Live Animal Labs; The Cancer Project Hosts Symposium, Capitol Hill Cooking Class; New Scientific Review Finds Standard Laboratory Housing to Be Inadequate; Two New Publications Will Guide Healthy Eating Habits
  • July 2006
    New Travel Book Features Advice from PCRM Nutritionists; Poll Finds Broad Opposition to Covance's Animal-Testing Plans; New PCRM TV Spots to Offer Crash Course in Kids' Nutrition; New Booklet Educates March of Dimes Sponsors About Animal Experiments; PCRM Provides Wellness Policy Resources to School Group
  • June 2006
    Medical Schools Notified That Live Animal Use Is Unlawful; PCRM Cosigns Open Letter to the United Nations Promoting Healthy Diets; D.C. Conference Highlights Advantages of Medical Simulators; Vegan Diet Effective Treatment for Diabetes in PCRM Study; Thank You: Stephen Bartell
  • May 2006
    New Book Explores Animal Emotions; Nutrition Researcher, Vegan Athletes Promote Healthy Diets to Congress; PCRM Seeks to Reform the March of Dimes; PCRM Seeks Nominees for 2006 Golden Carrot Awards; Thank You: Monica Smith
  • April 2006
    PCRM Offers Free Dissection Alternative; Study Finds Soymilk Is a Hit With Schoolchildren; Promoting Alternatives at the Medical College of Wisconsin; Scientific Review Finds Vegetarian Diets Lead to Weight Loss; Animal Tests of Anti-Inflammatory Drug Failed to Predict Human Risk
  • March 2006
    Covance Preparing to Build Testing Facility in Arizona; New York Schools Set to Push Cheese on Kids; New Journal Article Urges Use of Animal Serum-Free Cell Culture; PCRM Survey Shows Many Cardiologists Not Recommending Life-Saving Diets; PCRM Seeks to End Animal Drug Experiments
  • February 2006
    PCRM Doctors Deliver "Cruelty 101" Petitions to OSU Board; The Cancer Project Features Cooking Classes in Video News Release; PCRM Members to Educate March of Dimes Walkers; PCRM Members Share Their Passion for Compassion
  • January 2006
    Mobile Billboard Opposing "Cruelty 101" Circles Fiesta Bowl; Atkins Lawsuit Moves Ahead as Stay Is Lifted; PCRM Scientist Opposes Animal Testing a

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