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May 2017: Read this issue>

Dartmouth using live animals for medical training

Protesting Live Animal Use in North Dakota Medical Training; Suing Schools Serving Students Carcinogens; Laval University’s Use of Live Piglets; Billboards Confront McDonald's at Ben Taub Hospital

April 2017: Read this issue>

Dartmouth using live animals for medical training

Dartmouth Using Live Animals for Medical Training; Congress: Don't Bail Out Disease-Causing Dairy Industry; Watch: Animal Experiments Hinder Diabetes Research; Mississippi Hospital Stops Serving #HazardousHotDogs; Dietary Prescription for Optimal Heart Health

March 2017: Read this issue>

Get your copy of The Cheese Trap

Get Your Copy of Dr. Barnard's The Cheese Trap; Amtrak: Protect Passengers' Cabooses from Processed Meats; Confronting Children's Hospitals Over #HazardousHotDogs; Physicians Committee Sues Government for Hiding Animal Welfare Data; End of Live Animal Use in Emergency Medicine Training; Good Science Digest Launches

February 2017: Read this issue>

Baylor Simulation Replaces Live Animal Use in Paramedic Training

Simulation Replaces Live Animal Use in Paramedic Training; Get Junk Food Out of Food Stamps; Roadmap to End Three Lethal Animal Tests; ‘Healthy Eating on the Fly Award’ for Newark Airport’s Thyme Restaurant; The Exam Room: Improving Drug Safety; Dr. Barnard Rocks!

January 2017: Read this issue>

Alzheimer's Research

Airport Food Review: Winter Recreation Areas; Transitioning from Animal Experiments to Improve Alzheimer's Research; Watch New Web Series: The Exam Room; Remembering Henry J. Heimlich for Innovative Medicine; Carrie Fisher's Heart Attack Is a Warning for Women; Toast Members of Congress Who Have Helped Animals

2016 Issues

December 2016: Read this issue>

Waka Flocka Flame for the Physicians Committee

Watch: Rapper Waka Flocka Flame Brings 'Healthy Beet' to Video; Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Weighs In: Vegan Diets Are Good for Health; Should Tampa General Hospital Give McDonald's the Boot?; Live Dog Use Ends in Emergency Medicine Program; Stem Cells and Robotics Speed Transition from Animal Testing; 'All Hands on Deck' to Eliminate Animal Testing; The Power of Your E-mail Signature

November 2016: Read this Issue>

Join Alec Baldwin: Stick a Fork in Diabetes; Court Fails to Stop Industry Influence of Dietary Guidelines; Students Send Message: Milk is Garbage; Washington University Ends Animal Labs for Pediatrics Training; Toxicologists Promote Nonanimal Testing at Global Conference

October 2016: Read this Issue>

Another Hospital Agrees to #NixTheNuggets; Kickstart Your Health Atlanta!; University Ends Animal Use in Emergency Medicine Training; Doctors Urge Hennepin County Medical Center to End Animal Use; Are You at Least 70 1/2 Years Old?

September 2016: Read this Issue>

Theaters Ban 'Sausage Party' Cancer Ad; White House: Stop USDA from Sending Cheese to Schools; Complaints Against Animal Use in North and South Carolina Medical Training; Ensuring Lautenberg Act Has Resources to Minimize Animal Testing.

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