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March 2017: Read this issue>

Get your copy of The Cheese Trap

Get Your Copy of Dr. Barnard's The Cheese Trap; Amtrak: Protect Passengers' Cabooses from Processed Meats; Confronting Children's Hospitals Over #HazardousHotDogs; Physicians Committee Sues Government for Hiding Animal Welfare Data; End of Live Animal Use in Emergency Medicine Training; Good Science Digest Launches

February 2017: Read this issue>

Baylor Simulation Replaces Live Animal Use in Paramedic Training

Simulation Replaces Live Animal Use in Paramedic Training; Get Junk Food Out of Food Stamps; Roadmap to End Three Lethal Animal Tests; ‘Healthy Eating on the Fly Award’ for Newark Airport’s Thyme Restaurant; The Exam Room: Improving Drug Safety; Dr. Barnard Rocks!

January 2017: Read this issue>

Alzheimer's Research

Airport Food Review: Winter Recreation Areas; Transitioning from Animal Experiments to Improve Alzheimer's Research; Watch New Web Series: The Exam Room; Remembering Henry J. Heimlich for Innovative Medicine; Carrie Fisher's Heart Attack Is a Warning for Women; Toast Members of Congress Who Have Helped Animals

2016 Issues

December 2016: Read this issue>

Waka Flocka Flame for the Physicians Committee

Watch: Rapper Waka Flocka Flame Brings 'Healthy Beet' to Video; Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Weighs In: Vegan Diets Are Good for Health; Should Tampa General Hospital Give McDonald's the Boot?; Live Dog Use Ends in Emergency Medicine Program; Stem Cells and Robotics Speed Transition from Animal Testing; 'All Hands on Deck' to Eliminate Animal Testing; The Power of Your E-mail Signature

November 2016: Read this Issue>

Join Alec Baldwin: Stick a Fork in Diabetes; Court Fails to Stop Industry Influence of Dietary Guidelines; Students Send Message: Milk is Garbage; Washington University Ends Animal Labs for Pediatrics Training; Toxicologists Promote Nonanimal Testing at Global Conference

October 2016: Read this Issue>

Another Hospital Agrees to #NixTheNuggets; Kickstart Your Health Atlanta!; University Ends Animal Use in Emergency Medicine Training; Doctors Urge Hennepin County Medical Center to End Animal Use; Are You at Least 70 1/2 Years Old?

September 2016: Read this Issue>

Theaters Ban 'Sausage Party' Cancer Ad; White House: Stop USDA from Sending Cheese to Schools; Complaints Against Animal Use in North and South Carolina Medical Training; Ensuring Lautenberg Act Has Resources to Minimize Animal Testing

August 2016: Read this Issue>

WATCH: Break the Meat Habit; Seven Dietary Guidelines for Healthy Gut Bacteria; Doctors Bring Veggie Dogs to Congress; Meat and Dairy Subsidies Make America Sick; Scientists Recommend Animal-Free Method to Create Better Antibodies; Ask Congress to End Military Medical Training on Animals

July 2016: Read this Issue>

Grady Hospital Shuts Down Its McDonald’s; Q-and-A: Author of WHO Processed Meats and Cancer Report; WATCH: Neal Barnard, M.D. on the End of Animal Use in Medical Student Training; Lautenberg Chemical Act: Historic Victory for Public Health, Animals; Finding Dory Fans Find Out About Dorrie

June 2016: Read this Issue>

Dump Diabetes, Quit the Carton: eggs lead to diabetes

VIDEO: Warning to Egg-Eaters: 'Dump Diabetes. Quit the Carton.'; Billboards: Your Heart's Not Lovin' the Fatty Fast Food; Johns Hopkins Ends Live Animal Laboratory; Paramedics Trained on Live Pigs, Simulators Superior

May 2016: Read this Issue>
Sign Petition Urging Hospital to Go #FastFoodFree

Sign Petition Urging Hospital to Go #FastFoodFree; Petition: Simulators, Not Live Sheep, for Medial Training; Rochester, N.Y., Joins Vegan Kickstart; Become a Physicians Committee Rising Science Star; Interview: Debunking the Paleo Myth

April 2016: Read this Issue>
Physicians Committee Online: Soy is Beneficial to Health
WATCH: Alec Baldwin's Radical Nutrition Plan; Billboards Target Cancer 'Hot Spots': Keep Hot Dogs Out of Schools; No Debate: Soy is Beneficial to Health, EPA to Reduce Animal Use in Pesticides Testing; Hundreds of Toxicologists Learn about Method to Reduce Animal Testing; Enter Our Birthday Sweepstakes!

March 2016: Read this Issue>

Physicians Committee experts have contributed to the development of a software program called the Quantitative Structure Active Relationship (QSAR) Toolbox, which allows scientists to predict the toxic effects of chemicals without testing on animals

February 2016: Read this Issue>

Help Get Greasy Fast Food Out of Hospitals; Path to Improved Chemical Testing without Animals; Investigation into Dietary Guidelines Cholesterol Money Trail; Ad Warns of Live Animal Labs for Medical Training; Doctors, Dietitians Offer Plant-Based Makeover for Congressional Cafeterias

January 2016: Read this Issue>

The Barnard Medical Center, which opened on Jan. 5, is a place where patients get the care they need, where they and their families are supported for diet and lifestyle changes, where doctors, nurses, and dietitians can thrive, and where medical students can learn

2015 Issues

December 2015: Read this Issue>

2015 Highlights from the Physicians Committee; NIH Ends Chimpanzee Experiments; Let's Not Sugarcoat Obesity's Leading Causes; Criminal Complaint: End Animal Use in Ohio Medical Training; FDA Urged to Write Policy on Nonanimal Test Methods

November 2015: Read this Issue>

Doctors Seek to Ban Carcinogenic Hot Dogs from School Lunches; 'Cholesterol Kills': Billboards Warn House Ag Committee Chair; Kickstart in November and Get Holiday Recipes!; Getting Kids to Eat Vegetables; Scientific Journal Calls for Human-Relevant Heart Failure Research; Chemical Companies, Regulators Seek Animal Test Alternatives

October 2015: Read this Issue>

Congress: Don't Let Meat, Dairy Industry Shape Dietary Guidelines; Orange is the New Pink this Breast Cancer Awareness Month; Billboard Confronts Wayne State over Experiments on Dog Named Madonna; Johns Hopkins: Improve Your Medical Training; Advancing Alzheimer's Research Without Animals.

September 2015: Read this Issue>

FDA: Extend Trans Fats Ban to Animal Products; New BMJ Study May Fuel Confusion over "Bad" Fats; Medical Training Programs Continue to End Animal Use; Need for Human-Relevant Alzheimer’s Research

August 2015: Read this issue >
Congress Competes in Veggie Burger Smackdown
Congress Competes in Veggie Burger Smackdown; Hundreds of Physicians Learn Plant-Power Fights Heart Disease; Who's Making Money from Overweight Kids?; Hartford Hospital Ends Animal Trauma Lab; Vanderbilt: First, Do No Harm; Shifting Away from Animal-Derived Antibodies in Medical Research

100 Restaurant Salads Worse Than a Big MacJune 2015: Read this issue >
100 Restaurant Salads Worse Than a Big Mac; New Study: Plant-Based Diet Reduces Diabetic Neuropathy Pain; Coming Soon: Barnard Medical Center; Celebrities Unite to #EndDogExperiments; Doctors Petition to End the Use of Beagles for Drug Testing



Actor Alec Baldwin on Alzheimer's Prevention DietMay 2015: Read this issue >
D.C. Heart Health Conference; Actor Alec Baldwin Says "Eat to Fight Alzheimer's;" Billboard Urges Baseball Fans "Keep Bacon Off Your Plate;" Actress Lily Tomlin Joins Call to End Wayne State Dog Experiments; Two Medical Schools Stop Using Animals; Landmark Chemical Legislation Requires Nonanimal Test Methods


Dr Neal Barnard provides oral testimonyApril 2015: Read this issue >
Dr. Barnard Provides Oral Testimony for the 2015 Dietary Guidelines; ENRICH Medical Education with Nutrition; Physicians Committee Friends and Supporters Are Simply Sublime; Chemical Safety Legislation Must Focus on Human-Relevant Testing; Nonanimal Tests Prominent on Society of Toxicology Meeting Agenda


Power Plate

March 2015: Read this issue >
New Dietary Guidelines: The Good, the Bad, and the Downright Confusing; Follow Your Passion: Become a Food for Life Instructor;  VegRUN: Free Training Program for Spring Races; Remembering Kim Howe: A Voice for Compassion; A Plant-Based Diet Boosts Physical Health and Emotional Well-Being;  Improve Medical Training for Troops; Animal Welfare Act Should Oversee All Federal Animal Experiments


Ellen DeGeneres' Birthday Wish: Give to the Physicians Committee

February 2015: Read this issue >
Ellen DeGeneres’ Birthday Wish: Give to the Physicians Committee; Does Your Hospital Serve Hazardous Food?; Plant-Based Diets: Lose Weight, No Calorie Counting; Register: Food for Life New Instructor Training Aug. 19-21; Ohio Billboards Warn of Substandard Medical Training; Human-Based Research for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Needed; Top Tweets of the Month


January 2015: Read this issue >
Physicians Committee: The Best of 2014; Exclusive: Brain-Boosting Tips from Vegan World Memory Champion; Healthful Airport Food Takes Off; Physicians Committee Stops Government’s Beef Marketing Plan; Tennessee Billboards Warn of Substandard Medical Training


2014 Issues

New Physicians Committee Studies: Plant-Based for Diabetes, Migraines

December 2014: Read this issue >
New Physicians Committee Studies: Plant-Based for Diabetes, Migraines; Try Autogripe: Speak Out Against Dietary Disasters; CARE Research: Test Drugs with Technology; Military Modernizes Some Medical Training; Pegada Tóxica (Tail of Toxics) Featured in Brazilian Film Festival


Golden Carrot Awards for Schools Serving Healthy School Lunches

November 2014: Read this issue >
We Don't Just Imagine, We Create; Autogripe It: Ask Arby's to Halt the Meat Mountain Immediately; Fight Diabetes During Native American Heritage Month; Golden Carrot Awards for Schools Serving Healthy School Lunches; Seventh Generation New Ally in Chemical Testing Reform; Doctors Urge University: Train Paramedics with Simulators, Not Animals

Orange is the New Pink this Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 2014: Read this issue >
Orange is the New Pink this Breast Cancer Awareness Month; Tell Quaker Oats to Ditch the Dairy; Doctors Ask Laval University to Replace Animal Labs with Modern Simulators; Physicians Committee Sponsors Landmark Nonanimal Toxicology Workshop; Are You a Physician with a Passion for Disease Prevention?


Physicians Committee OnlineSeptember 2014: Read this issue >
Physician-Led Demonstration Urges Johns Hopkins’ to Switch to Simulation;  Toxicologists Tell Seventh Generation: Support Human-Based Chemical Tests; Penny Marshall Urges Wayne State to Improve Heart Disease Research; Seven Foods to Supercharge Your Gut Bacteria; New Physicians Committee Study: Vegan Diet May Help Diabetic Neuropathy

Physicians Committee Online August 2014August 2014: Read this Issue >
School Lunch Leaders Share Success at Capitol Hill Briefing; International Conference on Diabetes Seeks to Reverse Epidemic; Join Us in the Hamptons: Passion for Compassion Benefit Weekend; Dietitians Ask Nathan’s to Take a Holiday from Hot Dogs; Doctors Persuade OHSU to Modernize Medical Training; Top Tweets of the Month

PCRM Online July 2014 July 2014: Read this Issue >
Meet Physicians Committee's Nutrition Program Manager, Jill Eckart, C.H.H.C.; Victory! Southern Illinois University Cancels Plan to Use Pigs; Urging Sen. Cruz to Shut Down Deadly Alcohol Experiments; Paving the Way for Global Cosmetics Testing Reform; Attend the International Conference on Diabetes; Online Auction to Benefit the Physicians Committee; Six Tips to Help Prevent Cancer

PCRM Online June 2014 June 2014: Read this Issue >
Meet Physicians Committee's Communications Specialist and Social Media Manager Dania DePas, M.A.; Tickets on Sale Now for August Hamptons Event; Speaking Out Against Johns Hopkins' Animal Use; Animated Video Uncovers Animal Testing Flaws; Ellen Joins Campaign to Halt Taiwan Rabies Experiments; Billboard Calls Foul Ball on Bacon; Five Foods to Help You Eat Like Beyoncé; Upping the Ante Against KFC's Double Down

Chimpanzees are vulnerable research subjectsMay 2014: Read this Issue >
Message from PCRM's Manager of Government Affairs Colin Schwartz; Chimpanzees are Vulnerable Research Subjects; Congress Introduces Landmark Cosmetic Animal Testing Ban; UW: Switch to Simulation; A Cure for Doctors' Lack of Nutrition Education; Don't Take the Bait—Fish is Not a Health Food; Drop the Dog, Pick a Plant!; Hill Staff and Plant-Powered Athletes Talk Veggies

Subway's Health Claims are BolognaMarch 2014: Read this Issue >
Subway's Health Claims are Bologna; 8 Natural Ways to Cut Blood Pressure; Say No to Dannon; Tackling Diabetes; PCRM Member's Documentary Takes on Unhealthful School Lunch; Fluffballs are in Session; Ads Challenge Canadian University's Use of Piglets; Coast Guard Limits Animal Use

Meat by day, impotence by nightFebuary 2014: Read this Issue >
Billboard Confronts Wayne State Over Dog Experiments; Meat by Day: Impotence by Night; 'Babe' Star Asks University of Mississippi to End Live Animal Labs; Get Smart About Brain Health at; Alcohol and Quail Chicks: A Recipe for Cracked Science; Academy Award Nominee Helps Native Americans Fight Diabetes; VegRUN Adds 5K and 10K Training, DC Rock 'n' Roll Marathon

PCRM Calls Foul on Beagle Rabies ExperimentsJanuary 2014: Read this Issue >
PCRM Calls Foul on Beagle Rabies Experiments; Watch: Don't Eat Anyting With A Face Debate; Humanizing Heart Failure Experiments; The Physician's Role: From Bystander to Leader; PCRM Wins Decades-Long Medical School Campaign; Power Foods for the Brain; Cruelty-Free Chemical Testing; Kickstart Five Ways; Improving Pediatrics Training; Cutting Edge Clinical Research

2013 Issues

Jay Z Teams up with the KickstartDecember 2013: Read this Issue>
Jay Z, Marco Borges Team Up with the Kickstart; Watch Dr. Barnard Discuss the Health Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet; Fly Vegan: Denver Soars to First Place in Annual Airport Food Review; Complaint Says Wayne State Dog Experiments Don't Help Humans

Golden Carrot Award 2013November 2013: Read this Issue>
Golden Carrots Honor Nation's Healthiest Lunches; Alec Baldwin Urges Taiwan Not to Infect Beagle Puppies with Rabies; Congress Gets Hands-On Demo of Lifesaving Combat Trauma Training Simulators; 'Free Birds' are All for Going Bird-Free; Doctors Protest Southern Illinois University's Use of Pigs in Invasive Procedures

Bathroom Humor to Fight Prostate CancerOctober 2013: Read this Issue>
Actress Maggie Q Asks Taiwan to Halt Rabies Experiments on Beagle Puppies; Bathroom Humor to Fight Prostate Cancer; Kickstart Japan Joins International Lineup; Petition Urges Elizabeth Arden to Come Clean about Animal Testing; Soap Star Helps PCRM Spread Alzheimer’s Prevention Message; Physicians Committee Nominated for Prize for Replacing Animal Testing

Decades-Long Campaign Ends Animal Use at Military Medical SchoolSeptember 2013: Read this Issue>
Decades-Long Campaign Ends Animal Use at Military Medical School; PCRM’s New GEICO Study Shows How Plant-Based Diets Improve Nutrition; Experiments Will Expose Beagle Puppies to Rabies Virus; Training for a Fall Half Marathon? Try VegRUN!; Scientists Ask Elizabeth Arden to Protect Consumers and Animals; Federal Employees: Save Lives By Designating Your CFC Contribution to PCRM #10460

Med School StudentsAugust 2013: Read this Issue>
Doctors Urge Illinois Medical School to Modernize Medical Training; Physicians Committee Recommendations Lead to Improved Pesticide Testing; Seven Revolutionary Tips to Improve Brain Health; Report Uncovers Five Worst Contaminants in Chicken Products; Protecting Human Health by Limiting Livestock Antibiotics; Congress Gets Healthy with 9-Year-Old Vegan Chef Noah Koch

Chimpanzee NIHJuly 2013: Read this Issue>
NIH Moves to Retire Most Government-Owned Chimpanzees; New GEICO Multicity Study: Workers Lose Weight, Improve Diabetes on Plant-Based Diet; Wisconsin Medical School Ends Its Last Animal Lab; New Nutrition Curriculum for Health Care Professionals; Lawsuit Over Princeton Baby Marmoset Death; FDA: Ban Multivitamins Containing Iron or Copper

Neal Barnard on EllenJune 2013: Read this Issue>
Physicians Committee Petitions Air Force to End Animal Use; Watch Dr. Barnard Discuss Power Foods on the ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’; Toxicity Testing Workshop Recommends Replacing Animal Tests; Kickstart India Returns!; Improving Toxicity Testing through the Chemical Safety and Improvement Act

Elizabeth KucinichMay 2013: Read this Issue>
Physicians Committee Hosts Congressional Vegetarian Caucus; Join the VegRUN Marathon Training Program; Baby Boom + Fast Food = Dementia Boom; Attend the International Conference of Nutrition and the Brain; Physicians Committee Persuades Harvard to Close Primate Facility; Military Avoids Timeline to Modernize Combat Trauma Training

April 2013: Read this issue> dog used at Wayne StateCourt Says Wayne State Must Provide Records of Dog Heart Failure Experiments; Here’s the Poop: Warning Labels on Chicken; PCRM Campaign Improves Pediatrics Training at University of Virginia; The Physician’s Role in Nutrition-Related Disorders: From Bystander to Leader; Air Force, Army Continue Animal Use in Combat Trauma Training; Suicide Burger among Five Worst Fast-Food Secret Menu Items; PCRM Urges Canadian University to Modernize Pediatrics Training; Attend the International Conference of Nutrition and the Brain

March 2013: Read this issue>
pig used in trauma trainingSimulators Replace Live Pigs in Tulane Trauma Training; Power Foods for the Brain by Neal Barnard, M.D.‘Power Foods for the Brain’ Reveals Brain-Boosting Diet; EU Confirms Ban on Animal Tested Cosmetics and Ingredients; Suspend Heart Attack Grill License after Spokesman’s; Review Finds Prolonged Pain Experiments in Mice

February 2013: Read this issue>
PCRM OnlineFifty Chimpanzees Held Captive for Future Experiments; Report: McDonald’s, Chicken-Fried Steak Served in Children’s Hospitals; ‘Your Mom Is Not a Pig’ Warns Mississippi Newspaper Ad; Share Vegan Success Stories with the World; Victory! Pesticide Tests Are Not for the Birds, or Any Animal

January 2013: Read this issue>
pigs used in military trauma trainingVictory! Congress Holds Military Accountable for Killing Animals; New Kickstart Health Tracker: Monitor Weight, Blood Pressure, and More; Victory! NIH Retires More than 100 Chimpanzees to Sanctuary; Diabetes Dilemma: Unlocking the Solution for 100 Million Americans; Army is Shooting Animals: PCRM Asks the Department of Defense to Investigate

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