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AMA Passes Resolution: Hospitals Should Provide Plant-Based Meals and Remove Cancer-Causing Processed Meats

The American Medical Association’s House of Delegates has adopted a resolution calling on hospitals to provide plant-based meals and remove processed meats from menus.

Doctors, Parents, Teacher Sue California Schools for Serving Students Carcinogenic Processed Meats

The Physicians Committee filed a lawsuit on April 12 to stop schools in California’s Los Angeles Unified School District and Poway Unified School District from serving students processed meats—including hot dogs, pepperoni, and luncheon meat—which are linked to colorectal cancer.

Amtrak: Protect Passengers’ Cabooses from Processed Meats, Says Legal Petition

The Physicians Committee submitted a legal petition urging Amtrak to protect passengers from colorectal cancer risk by eliminating processed meats, such as hot dogs, bacon, and sausage, from its menus.

Protect Veterans from Processed Meats, Doctors Urge VA Secretary David Shulkin

The Physicians Committee is urging newly appointed Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin, M.D., to act on a legal petition to protect veterans from colorectal cancer risk by eliminating processed meats from food service at all VA medical centers.

Doctors Confront Children’s Hospitals Over #HazardousHotDogs

Billboards and other advertisements scheduled to go up Feb. 6 will urge children’s hospitals in six cities to protect patients from #HazardousHotDogs. Hot dogs should not be served to patients because they are the  No. 1 choking risk for children and are linked to high risk of colon cancer.

Billboards Warn of Cancer Risk: Hot Dogs in School Meals

Cancer kills. Put kids on the path to prevention by removing cancer-causing foods like hot dogs and deli meats from school lunches! #DropTheHotDog #ProcessedMeatKills

Physicians Committee Begins Recruitment for the Had I Known Processed Meat Campaign

The 2016 campaign will feature real people who have or have had colorectal cancer to be in a print and video public service announcement showing the risks associated with processed meat consumption.

Doctors Seek to Ban Hot Dogs and Other Processed Meats from School Lunches; Federal Petition Filed with USDA

The U.S. Department of Agriculture should stop distributing carcinogenic meats to children through the National School Lunch Program.

Doctors Promote to Protect Students, Patients from Hot Dogs

WASHINGTON—In advance of the World Health Organization declaring processed meats such as hot dogs as cancerous as asbestos, the Physicians Committee—a nonprofit of 12,000 doctors—is urging schools, hospitals, and public institutions to remove processed meats from menus and provide students and patients with cancer-fighting resources from

Physicians Group Urges Lehigh Valley IronPigs to Add Veggies to Starting Lineup

WASHINGTON-A billboard near Coca-Cola Park in Allentown, Pa., is urging baseball fans to keep bacon off their plates. The billboard is part of an effort by the Physicians Committee-a nonprofit of 12,000 physicians-to encourage the Lehigh Valley IronPigs to bench the bacon and add health-promoting foods to the starting lineup.