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2015 Issues


Reclaiming Traditions, Reclaiming HealthHazardous Hospital
Foods: How Fast
Food Jeopardizes
Public Health

Good Medicine
Winter 2015
Vol. XXIV No. 1

Reclaiming Traditions, Reclaiming HealthThe Physicians Committe at 30

Past, Present, Future

Good Medicine
Spring 2015
Vol. XXIV No. 1


2014 Issues


Reclaiming Traditions, Reclaiming HealthReclaiming Traditions,
Reclaiming Health:
Fighting Diabetes with
a New, Old Diet

Good Medicine
Summer 2014
Vol. XXIII No. 3

Human Organs on ChipsHuman Organs-on-Chips:
Tailoring Testing and

Good Medicine
Autumn 2014
Vol. XXIII No. 4

Rabies Experiments: PCRM Experts Call FoulRabies Experiments: 
PCRM Experts Call Foul

Good Medicine
Winter 2014
Vol. XXIII No. 1

Good Medicine Spring 2014Plant Powered Athletes

Good Medicine
Spring 2014
Vol. XXIII No. 2


2013 Issues


PCRM's Clinical Research

Good Medicine
Summer 2013
Vol. XXII No. 3

Good Medicine Autumn 2013Meat is the New Tobacco

Good Medicine
Autumn 2013
Vol. XXII No. 4

Good Medicine Magazine Escaping the Research MousetrapEscaping the Research Mousetrap

Good Medicine
Winter 2013
Vol. XXII, No. 1

Good Medicine Magazine Spring 2013 Can We End Alzheimer's?

Good Medicine
Spring 2013
Vol. XXII, No. 2

2012 Issues

Good Medicine Magazine Got Truth

Got Truth: The Dairy Industry’s Junk Science

Good Medicine
Autumn 2012
Vol. XXI, No. 4

Good Medicine Magazine Humanizing Medical Education

Humanizing Medical Education: Ending the Use of Animals in Pediatrics Training

Good Medicine
Summer 2012
Vol. XXI, No. 3

Good Medicine Magazine: Kickstart the Planet

Kickstart the Planet: Fighting the Global Rise in Meat and Dairy Products

Spring 2012
Vol. XXI, No. 2

 Good Medicine Magazine: What Happened to Queenie?

What Happened to Queenie? Dog Experiments at Wayne State

Winter 2012,
Vol. XXI, No. 1



2011 Issues

Good Medicine Magazine Autumn 2011

Ivy League Animal Cruelty: PCRM Uncovers Shocking Animal Cruelty at Nation's Top Schools

Good Medicine
Autumn 2011
Vol. XX, No. 3

Good Medicine Magazine: PCRM Sues USDA Over Deceptive Dietary Guidelines

PCRM Sues USDA Over Deceptive Dietary Practices

Spring-Summer 2011
Vol. XX, No. 2

Good Medicine Magazine: NASA Monkey Radiation Experiments Canceled

NASA Monkey Radiation Experiments Canceled

Winter 2011,
Vol. XX, No. 1




2010 Issues


Good Medicine: 25 Years of Compassionate Medicine25 Years of Compassionate Medicine

Winter 2010,
Vol. XIX, No. 1

Good Medicine: Meet the Power Plate, PCRM Changes the Shape of NutritionMeet the Power Plate: PCRM Changes the Shape of Nutrition

Spring 2010,
Vol. XIX, No. 2

Good Medicine: Beyond Mice and MonkeysBeyond Mice and Monkeys: PCRM Conference Explores Alternatives to Animal Research

Summer 2010,
Vol. XIX, No. 3

Good Medicine: Pediatricians vs. Junk Food GiantsPediatricians vs. Junk Food Giants: PCRM Doctors Report from Front Lines of Obesity Battle

Autumn 2010,
Vol. XIX, No. 4


2009 Issues


Good Medicine: The War on AnimalsThe War on Animals: PCRM Confronts the Military’s Deadly Use of Animals for Medical Training

Winter 2009,
Vol. XVIII, No. 1

Good Medicine: Trashing the Next GenerationTrashing the Next Generation: As Children's Eating Habits Hit an All-Time Low, Healthy School Lunches Could Save Lives

Spring 2009,
Vol. XVIII, No. 2

Good Medicine: Ready for RetirementReady for Retirement: Will Congress Release Chimpanzees Used in Experiments?

Summer 2009,
Vol. XVIII, No. 3

Good Medicine: Cancer in a Bucket, PCRM Turns up the heatCancer in a Bucket: PCRM Turns Up the Heat on KFC's New Grilled Chicken

Autumn 2009,
Vol. XVIII, No. 4


2008 Issues


Good Medicine: The Hazards of School LunchThe Hazards of School Lunch (And What PCRM Is Doing About Them)

Winter 2008,
Vol. XVII, No. 1

Good Medicine: Replaing Animals in Medical EducationReplacing Animals in Medical Education: Victories, Challenges and the Struggle for Compassion

Spring 2008,
Vol. XVII, No. 2

Good Medicine: Processed meats cause cancer, so why do schools feed them to children?Processed meats cause cancer, so why do schools feed them to children?

Summer 2008,
Vol. XVII, No. 3

Good Medicine: This Is No DummyThis is No Dummy: With Advanced Human Simulators for Medical Training, Why Harm Animals?

Autumn 2008,
Vol. XVII, No. 4


2007 Issues


Good Medicine: Medical Schools' Dog Days Nearing Their End?Medical Schools' Dog Days Nearing Their End?

Winter 2007,
Vol. XVI, No. 1

Good Medicine: Introducing PCRM's Nutrition Guide for Clinicians Introducing PCRM's Nutrition Guide for Clinicians

Spring 2007,
Vol. XVI, No. 2

Good Medicine: Success Stories Tackling Diabetes with Simple Diet ChangesSuccess Stories: Tackling Diabetes with Simple Diet Changes

Summer 2007,
Vol. XVI, No. 3

Good Medicine: Illegal ExperimentsIllegal Experiments: Physicians File Lawsuit Against UCSF for Violating Animal Welfare Law

Autumn 2007,
Vol. XVI, No. 4

2006 Issues

PCRM 2005: The Year in Review Winter 2006, Vol. XV, No. 1

Beyond Dog Labs: Medical Education Goes High Tech—And Animal Free Spring 2006, Vol. XV, No. 2

Playing With Fire: Grilled Chicken Contains Cancer-Causing Compounds Summer 2006, Vol. XV, No. 3

Targeting Diabetes: Groundbreaking PCRM Study Shows the Dramatic Impact of a Low-Fat Vegan Diet Autumn 2006, Vol. XV, No. 4

2005 Issues

PCRM Develops World’s First Cruelty-Free Insulin Assay Winter 2005, Vol. XIV, No. 1

New PCRM Study Shatters Milk Myth: Children’s Bone Health Tied to Exercise, Not Dairy Spring 2005, Vol. XIV, No. 2

Can a Gene Make Your Diet Work Better? Summer 2005, Vol. XIV, No. 3

Animal Research on Trial: PCRM Sues Merck over Vioxx Animal Tests Autumn 2005, Vol. XIV, No. 4

2004 Issues

Low Carb, High Risk Winter 2004, Vol. XIII, No. 1

Cleaning Up Medical Research Sprng-Smmr 2004, Vol. XIII, No. 2-3

Lab Stress 24/7 Autumn 2004, Vol. XIII, No. 4

2003 Issues

2002: The Year in Review Winter 2003, Vol. XII, No. 1

Stress and Substance Abuse: Cleaning Up Unethical Research Spring 2003, Vol. XII, No. 2

Breaking the Food Seduction Summer 2003, Vol. XII, No. 3

Dissection Alternatives: Choosing Better and More Humane Teaching Methods Autumn 2003, Vol. XII, No. 4

2002 Issues

Truth in Advertising: PCRM Fights for Biohazard Labeling on Meat Winter 2002, Vol. XI, No. 1

Modernizing Trauma Training for Emergency Doctors Sprng/Smmr 2002, Vol. XI, No. 2

A Victory for Ethical Research: OSU Animal Experimenter Michael Podell Calls It Quits Autumn 2002, Vol. XI, No. 3

2001 Issues

PCRM Wins USDA Lawsuit Winter 2001, Vol. X, No. 1

Animal Experiments Lead AIDS Research Astray Spring 2001, Vol. X, No. 2

PCRM Issues Recommendations to Avert a Mad Cow Crisis Summer 2001, Vol. X, No. 3

PCRM Challenges EPA Cruelty Autumn 2001, Vol. X, No. 4

2000 Issues

New Government Tests Ignore Risks to Children Winter 2000, Vol. IX, No. 1

There's No Room for Chicken in a Healthy Diet Sprng/Smmr 2000, Vol. IX, No. 2

A Lifesaving Message Autumn 2000, Vol. IX, No. 3

1999 Issues

PCRM's Year in Review: Fighting for Ethical Research and Better Health Winter 1999, Vol. VIII, No. 1

Al Gore’s Deadly Animal Test Plan and the Scientist Who Can Stop It Spring 1999, Vol. VIII, No. 2

Support Grows for PCRM's Challenge to Dietary Guidelines Bias Summer 1999, Vol. VIII, No 3

The Cancer Project: PCRM's Fund for Cancer Prevention and Survival Autumn 1999, Vol. VIII, No. 4

1998 Issues

A New Initiative in Birth Defects Winter 1998, Vol. VII, No. 1

Good Nutrition for Kids by Benjamin Spock, M.D. Sprng/Smmr 1998, Vol. VII, No. 2

725 Reasons Why You Don’t Want to Be an Animal in a Military Lab Autumn 1998, Vol. VII, No. 3

1997 Issues

New Cell Tests Beat Animal Tests Spring 1997, Vol. VI, No. 2

PCRM Research: Findings That Can Change Lives Summer 1997, Vol. VI, No. 3

Are Federal Dietary Guidelines Racially Biased? Autumn 1997, Vol. VI, No. 4