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PHYSICIAN PROFILE Jennifer Giordano, D.O.: Working for the Well-Being of Others

Jenninfer Giordano, D.O.Jennifer Giordano, D.O., became a Physicians Committee member in 2009 because she wanted to be part of a unique organization founded and led by physicians who advocate for human and animal lives.

“I was delighted to find a group of doctors speaking out about the dire—but often preventable—health care issues facing the world,” says Dr. Giordano.

This past November, Dr. Giordano, who went to medical school at Michigan State University, took part in a Physicians Committee demonstration against Wayne State University’s painful and futile use of dogs in heart failure experiments (see page 8).

“Human health suffers, while these animals needlessly face innumerable acts of exploitation and cruelty,” Dr. Giordano explains. “It’s so wonderful that a voice against the experiments comes from within the medical community via the Physicians Committee.”

She also co-signed a legal complaint against Wayne State alleging that the university illegally obtained the dogs used in the experiments, which have failed to give insight into the causes of heart failure in humans.

“What I’m interested in is any kind of research that forwards human health,” said Dr. Giordano in an interview with Fox News following the demonstration. “What we are really finding is that animal research in general is not providing the answers or the benefits we had thought previously.”

Dr. Giordano, who in her private practice sees patients struggling with mental illness or simply struggling in life, says that her passion is health and that she wants people to be well, so it was natural for her to speak out about the experiments.

She adds, “As physicians, we see so many diseases—like heart disease—that are preventable simply through what people choose to eat. We could unburden our health care system if people would simply switch to a plant-based diet.”

Dr. Giordano also stays active in Physicians Committee campaigns by sending e-mails, making calls to her legislators, sharing posts on Facebook, and advocating a plant-based diet for friends, family, and patients.

“‘Let food be thy medicine’ is not some fanciful statement,” she says. “It’s the hardcore truth, and I appreciate that the Physicians Committee is out there on the front lines raising awareness of how a plant-based diet can improve the well-being of everyone—humans and animals alike.”



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