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Heart Attack GrillTruth in Advertising
The owner of the Heart Attack Grill recently brought the cremated remains of a customer who died of a heart attack in his restaurant and displayed them on a table in the establishment.

Apes Keep Calm and Carry On
Like humans, bonobos who are better able to manage their emotions have better social skills and show more empathy toward others, according to findings published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.

Safer Stargazing
A nonanimal test was used by NASA scientists to test the toxicity of lunar dust—a concern for astronauts. The test used MatTek’s EpiOcular nonanimal eye irritation test, which is derived from human cells.

Plant Power
Patrik Baboumian, a 34-year-old vegan weightlifter from Germany, recently carried 550 kilograms (about 1,212 pounds) 10 meters (about 33 feet), attempting to break a world record.

Vegan Nonagenarian Marathoner
Ninety-one-year-old Mike Fremont, who has run 42 marathons, including September’s Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, holds the world record for his age group in the marathon and half marathon and credits his success to a vegan diet.

marmoset communicationAfter You
In vocal communications with each other, marmosets take turns in conversation, according to a recent study in the journal Current Biology.

Vegan OktoberfestVegan Oktoberfest
Herzkasperl, a restaurant in Munich, Germany, highlighted vegan dishes in its 2013 Oktoberfest menu, including a vegan version of Käsespätzle, a noodle bake traditionally made with eggs and cheese.

Meat Harms Fertility
Men who eat processed meats may have more abnormalities in sperm count, size, and shape, according to a presentation at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s annual conference. A recent study in Human Reproduction showed similar defects from dairy products.

Norwegian Army Enlists Vegetarian DietNorwegian Army Enlists Vegetarian Diet
The Norwegian military announced in December that it is adopting Meatless Mondays to help battle climate change.

Plant-Based in Poland
Plant-based diets are gaining popularity in Poland: Three percent of Polish citizens now follow vegetarian or vegan diets, according to a Homo Homini Institute poll.

Plant-Based Insurance Policy
Australia’s Make a Difference Insurance charges vegetarians $300-$675 less than meat eaters, who the company says impose higher costs on the health system.

U Mass Amhearst Fruit SaladSalad Days
University of Massachusetts Amherst set a Guinness World Record by creating a 15,291-pound fresh fruit salad this autumn. Among the dozens of fruits, the salad included 3,640 pounds of apples, 450 pounds of mangos, 1,297 pounds of berries, and 2,580 pounds of melon.

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