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Summer Lecture Series in Washington – Dr. Barnard will be speaking at venues in the D.C. metro region throughout the summer on a variety of health topics. Plenty of events are free and open to the public. This is the perfect opportunity to bring friends and family to learn how to improve their health. Check online for a complete listing.

Member Support

A California Weekend

Ross, Calif.: Dr. Rebecca and Ariel Nessel with Dr. Barnard

In March, we were honored to be a part of TWO fabulous fundraisers on the West Coast! On Saturday, March 15, Jael and James Tanti opened their beautiful home in Anaheim Hills, Calif., to host a delicious vegan dinner (handily prepared by Jael), silent auction, and a presentation by Physicians Committee president Neal Barnard, M.D. The RapScallions provided musical entertainment under the stars.

On Sunday, March 16, Dr. Rebecca and Ariel Nessel hosted an afternoon of compassion in their Marin County home. Guests noshed on vegan hors d’oeuvres, enjoyed the beautiful spring weather, and were able to mingle with the Nessels’ rescue chickens. A serving of Dr. Barry Schenker’s irresistible Genuto capped off the afternoon.

Both events raised funds to support the Physicians Committee’s lifesaving work. We are grateful to the Tantis and Nessels for creating opportunities for us to connect with Physicians Committee members and share our mission with new friends. Thank you!

“May I gift the Physicians Committee my art?”

This is a question that we hear from our members who want to help further our work with a donation of something other than cash. We are also asked about donating gifts of real estate, vehicles, jewelry, and business interests. In most cases, the answer to whether we accept these types of gifts is “Yes!” The Physicians Committee is fortunate to be able to accept a wide variety of gifts so we can work with our members to find a way for them to support a cause close to their hearts, in a way that makes smart use of their assets.

A donation of cash is the easiest transaction to make and is fully tax-deductible as allowed by law. However, if you’d like to make a gift with another type of asset, there may be a way to donate something you no longer need or wish to maintain. By donating it, you could enjoy a tax benefit, and your assets could bring real benefit to the Physicians Committee’s lifesaving work. We review each gift scenario carefully.

If you’d like to explore a gift of property or other appreciated assets, please give us a call at 202-527-7366. We are ready to assist you and help you determine what type of gift could benefit you and further the Physicians Committee’s work.


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