Nancy Beck, Ph.D.

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Nancy Beck, Ph.D.

Nancy Beck, Ph.D., is a scientific and policy adviser with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a nationwide organization of physicians and laypersons that promotes preventive medicine, especially good nutrition, and addresses controversies in modern medicine, including ethical issues in research.

As a scientific and policy adviser, Dr. Beck focuses on promoting alternatives to the use of animals in toxicity testing, especially for pharmaceutical testing. Dr. Beck’s work with the International Council on Animal Protection in Pharmaceutical Programmes (ICAPPP) includes preparing comments for test guidelines under revision, new test guidelines, and concept papers. She also attends meetings that involve international regulations in order to ask questions, give comments, and report back to ICAPPP.

Dr. Beck also serves as the International Council on Animal Protection in OECD Programmes (ICAPO) representative to the OECD’s Molecular Screening Project. In this role, Dr. Beck acts on behalf of ICAPO in support of the project’s efforts to develop and promote the application of molecular approaches, rather than animal testing, to the screening of environmental chemicals. In May 2006, the Physicians Committee was elected Secretariat of ICAPO, which is a nongovernmental coalition of international organizations that advocate for policies that will reduce the number of animals used in chemical tests.

Dr. Beck received her doctorate in microbiology and immunology from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She also completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Dartmouth Medical School. Dr. Beck received a bachelor’s in microbiology from the University of Maryland. As a pre-intramural research fellow at the National Institutes of Health, she researched the characterization of E. coli cold shock proteins.

Dr. Beck brings to the Physicians Committee 10 years of experience as an experimental researcher, where she learned firsthand why animals are poor models for human diseases.

Nancy Beck, Ph.D.
Nancy Beck, Ph.D.


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