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Feces Stops Shoppers from Gobbling Turkey
May 4, 2013

Turkey has joined the ranks of heavily contaminated meat products, according to new Consumer Reports testing which confirms that more than half of turkey is tainted with fecal bacteria. Turkey, sometimes marketed as a healthier alternative to red meat, actually contains about as much cholesterol as its dark meat counterparts, and is rife with bacteria–even fecal matter. This may sound shocking but should come as no surprise, since anything with a colon has feces.

Turkey is manufactured in a similar method to chicken, with mechanical evisceration rupturing the intestines and spreading feces on the equipment, the carcasses, and into the chill baths. Last year, the Physicians Committee tested chicken samples from 15 grocery stores in 10 cities and found that 48 percent of retail chicken contains feces. And the percentage of feces in poultry may be about to skyrocket. Currently, poultry inspectors examine 140 birds per minute and remove chicken only with visible feces. But under the USDA’s new proposal, inspectors will have to increase their speed and examine 175 birds per minute. In addition, each carcass will be drenched in chlorinated water with antimicrobial chemicals. This means the chickens will not only be permeated with feces, but could also be dripping with chemicals.

Turkey is part of the Fecal Four – chicken, pork, beef, and turkey – the four foods predominately contaminated with fecal matter. In order to avoid eating feces, it’s time for consumers to cross meat off their grocery lists for good.

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