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There Is No “Mad Kale” Disease
04/25/12 - Is beef safe? That’s the question Americans are asking again after a new case of mad cow disease was confirmed in the United States this week. The answer is clearly no, beef is not safe. But the threat of mad cow disease isn’t the only reason. Not by a long shot. more >

Congressional Hearing Considers Ending Chimpanzee Experiments
04/24/12 - On April 24, Congress held a hearing on the Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act. If passed, this legislation will end the use of chimpanzees in invasive experiments and release federally owned chimpanzees to permanent sanctuaries. more >

Chicken Should Carry Feces Warning Label
04/17/12 - Feces taint one in every two supermarket chickens, according to testing recently conducted by an independent laboratory at PCRM’s request. It’s time for every package of supermarket chicken to carry a sticker that says, “Warning: May Contain Feces.” more >

PCRM Continues to Urge NIH to End Chimpanzee Experiments
04/13/12 - Chimpanzee experiments in the United States could end very soon. We’re doing everything we can at PCRM to get these intelligent, sensitive animals out of laboratories in 2012. This week, we sent the federal government a plan that could help accomplish this. more >

Pink Slime Aside, Meat is Not Safe
04/03/12 - The pink slime victory shows just how powerful consumers are when they come together to fight an unsafe product. But it’s hardly the end of the battle: It’s time to face up to the consequences of our meaty diets and move to more healthful ways of eating. more >

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