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FDA Issues Graphic Cigarette Warning Labels: Meat, Dairy Products Need Similar
06/30/11 - Last week, the FDA released new graphic cigarette package warning labels. It says the warnings will result in “lives saved, increased life expectancy, and lower medical costs.” Similar warnings on meat and dairy products could do the same. more >

The Real Weinergate: Carcinogenic Hot Dogs in School Lunches
06/28/11 - I wish people would focus even a fraction of this attention on the real Weinergate. As a nutrition researcher, I find it shocking that in some schools across the country, kids are still offered hot dogs or other processed meats at nearly every meal. more >

Agricultural Subsidies' Impact on Health Emphasized in New Institute of Medicine Report
06/24/11 - Federal agricultural subsidies impact public health. That’s according to a report the Institute of Medicine Committee on Public Health Strategies to Improve Health released this week. The report states that federal agriculture subsidies are enacted mainly with agricultural, economic, and trade objectives in mind, while the connection to health is overlooked. more >

Time to Reform Chemical Testing: Animals Out, Better Methods In
06/21/11 - Current chemical-testing methods are miserable for animals, causing millions to suffer and die every year. In a new article in Toxicology in Vitro, PCRM toxicologists lay out how legislation can encourage the development of better methods that would help replace the use of animals. more >

New Study Supports Plant-Based Diets for Weight Loss, Overall Nutrition
06/14/11 - Dr. Barnard's Blog: Vegetarian diets are not just better for weight management; they are more nutritious than diets that include meat, according to a new study in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association. more >

Tox21 Robotic System Could End Animal Use in Chemical Testing
06/09/11 - Dr. Barnard's Blog: Chemical testing can kill thousands of animals per test, including rodents, rabbits, and dogs. However, a new nonanimal testing method could change that. more >

To Tackle Heart Disease, Diet Changes Beat Drugs Any Day
06/07/11 - Last month, the National Institutes of Health stopped a clinical trial a year and a half early because the drug under study—an extended-release form of niacin—proved ineffective for preventing heart attacks and strokes. more >

Power to the Plate: Food Subsidies Should Reflect New USDA Dietary Advice
06/02/11 - This morning, the U.S. Department of Agriculture released the long-awaited replacement for the Food Pyramid. The new MyPlate icon is a plate, somewhat similar to the Power Plate developed and released by PCRM more than a year ago. more >

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